[ubuntu/jammy-proposed] sway 1.7-1 (Accepted)

Jeremy Bicha jeremy.bicha at canonical.com
Sat Mar 26 11:32:12 UTC 2022

sway (1.7-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Bump min. version of wlroots build dependency to 0.15
  * Bump min. version of wayland-protocols to 1.24
  * Set min version of libwayland-dev to 1.20
  * Drop filenamemangle option from d/watch
  * Update patch for default configuration file
  * Update year range in d/copyright stanza for debian/*

Date: 2022-02-16 16:32:08.436539+00:00
Signed-By: Jeremy Bicha <jeremy.bicha at canonical.com>
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