[ubuntu/jammy-proposed] linux-intel-iotg 5.15.0-1002.4 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Feb 23 22:14:33 UTC 2022

linux-intel-iotg (5.15.0-1002.4) jammy; urgency=medium

  * jammy/linux-intel-iotg: 5.15.0-1002.4 -proposed tracker (LP: #1960327)

  * [EHL] Enable ISHTP (LP: #1929895)
    - platform/x86: Add Intel ishtp eclite driver
    - platform/x86: isthp_eclite: only load for matching devices
    - HID: intel-ish-hid: add support for MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE()
    - mod_devicetable: fix kdocs for ishtp_device_id
    - HID: intel-ish-hid: fix module device-id handling

  * Integrated TSN controller (stmmac/i225) driver support (LP: #1945461)
    - igc: Revert back xdp_rxq_info_reg() registration call
    - igc: Fix fail to set fragment size via ethtool
    - Revert "igc: Add more space to each queue packet buffer"
    - Revert "igc: Separate TSN configurations that can be updated"
    - Revert "igc: Add support for Frame Preemption offload"
    - Revert "igc: Add support for tuning frame preemption via ethtool"
    - igc: Add support for enabling frame preemption via ethtool
    - igc: Add support for TC_SETUP_PREEMPT
    - igc: Add support for setting frame preemption configuration
    - igc: Remove unneeded netif_trans_update() during reset
    - igc: Add support for enabling all packets to be received
    - igc: Optimize the packet buffer utilization
    - igc: Fix fail to set fragment size via ethtool
    - igc: Fix race condition in PTP Tx code
    - igc: Add support for DMA timestamp for non-PTP packets
    - igc: Set QBVCYCLET_S to 0 during basic scheduling
    - igc: New launchtime calculation
    - igc: Correct the launchtime offset
    - igc: Fix the case when the launchtime is equal to base-time
    - ethtool: Add support for configuring frame preemption
    - taprio: Add support for frame preemption offload
    - igc: align the different with lts2020
    - igc: Simplify TSN flags handling

  * [EHL][TGL][ADL] PMU support  (LP: #1952356)
    - perf list: Display hybrid PMU events with cpu type
    - perf list: Display pmu prefix for partially supported hybrid cache events
    - SAUCE: perf stat: Support --cputype option for hybrid events
    - SAUCE: perf stat: Merge event counts from all hybrid PMUs
    - SAUCE: perf stat: Support hybrid --topdown option
    - SAUCE: perf stat: Support metrics with hybrid events

  * [ADL] ITBM support for Hybrid platforms (LP: #1952007)
    - x86/sched: Decrease further the priorities of SMT siblings
    - sched/topology: Introduce sched_group::flags
    - sched/fair: Optimize checking for group_asym_packing
    - sched/fair: Provide update_sg_lb_stats() with sched domain statistics
    - sched/fair: Carve out logic to mark a group for asymmetric packing
    - sched/fair: Consider SMT in ASYM_PACKING load balance

  * [TGL][ADL] ACRN hypervisor support (LP: #1952006)
    - virt: acrn: Introduce interfaces for MMIO device passthrough
    - virt: acrn: Introduce interfaces for virtual device creating/destroying
    - SAUCE: virt: acrn: Introduce interface to fetch platform info from the
    - SAUCE: virt: acrn: Introduce acrntrace support

  * [EHL][TGL][ADL] PMC Time-aware GPIO (LP: #1929890)
    - drivers/ptp: Add Enhanced handling of reserve fields
    - drivers/ptp: Add PEROUT2 ioctl frequency adjustment interface
    - drivers/ptp: Add user-space input polling interface
    - x86/tsc: Add TSC support functions to support ART driven Time-Aware GPIO
    - Add support for PMC Time-Aware GPIO (TGPIO) hardware that is present on
      upcoming Intel platforms. The hardware logic is driven by the ART clock. The
      current hardware has two GPIO pins. Input interrupts are not implemented in
    - OSE TGPIO driver
    - x86/core: TSC reliable kernel arg prevents DQ of TSC early

  * [EHL][TGL][ADL][ICX] Enable Time Coordinated Compute interface driver (LP:
    - tcc: parse PTCT table and record pesudo sram ranges
    - tcc: this is kernel driver to interface to TCC PTCM pesudo SRAM
    - tcc: update license header
    - tcc: L3 psram region should not overlay L2 psram region.
    - tcc: driver should exit if no psram entry found in PTCT.
    - tcc: tcc drvier should not exit even if no psram entry.
    - tcc: return error code to better match varies error scenarios.
    - tcc: update tcc range end_address.
    - tcc: l3 psram region size could become zero after exclude l2 inclusive
    - [Config] CONFIG_X86_TCC_PTCM=m
    - [Config] Disable INTEL_MEI_DAL and INTEL_MEI_VIRTIO
    - tcc: update RTCT table parser to support two versions
    - Enable support to read a few whitelisted registers.
    - Remove Clock_Cycles_VT from MHL entry.
    - Add new IOCTL to read error log buffer.
    - Display errlog buffer raw data in kernel log as requested once this driver
      is loaded.
    - Fix issue found in acrn uos when convert cacheid to apicid.

  * [TGL][EHL][ADL] Enable MEI (Intel Management Engine Interface) (LP:
    - mei: virtio: virtualization frontend driver
    - mei: dal: add dal module stub
    - mei: dal: add acp parser code
    - mei: dal: add bh plugin code
    - mei: dal: dynamic application loader
    - mei: dal: add character device for user space interface
    - mei: dal: add kernel space interface
    - mei: dal: add exclusive access management
    - mei: dal: make access list global instead of per device.
    - mei: dal: fix check for valid request pointer.
    - mei: dal: initialize request link list upon allocation
    - mei: dal: put message into buffer in single operation
    - mei: dal: dal_wait_for_write reverse wake up condition.
    - mei: dal: move read wait queue to the dal client struct
    - mei: dal: fix dal read function
    - mei: dal: remove conn_idx from session commands
    - mei: dal: add test module
    - mei: dal: support 3K key signature.
    - mei: dal: don't use mutex_lock_interruptible in release()
    - mei: dal: validated input params in dal_set_ta_exclusive_acces
    - mei: dal: set drvdata of mei before registering event callback
    - mei: dal: remove dc from writers list when destroyed

  * Miscellaneous Ubuntu changes
    - [Config] linux-intel-iotg: update config changes
    - [Config] toolchain version update
    - SAUCE: jammy:intel-iotg: Fix build break

  * Miscellaneous upstream changes
    - mei: bus: add client dma interface
    - iwlwifi: mei: add the driver to allow cooperation with CSME
    - iwlwifi: mei: add debugfs hooks
    - iwlwifi: mvm: correct sta-state logic for TDLS
    - iwlwifi: fw dump: add infrastructure for dump scrubbing
    - iwlwifi: remove redundant iwl_finish_nic_init() argument
    - iwlwifi: parse debug exclude data from firmware file
    - iwlwifi: integrate with iwlmei
    - iwlwifi: mvm: add vendor commands needed for iwlmei
    - iwlwifi: mvm: read the rfkill state and feed it to iwlmei

Date: 2022-02-23 11:43:09.664948+00:00
Changed-By: Marcelo Cerri <marcelo.cerri at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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