[ubuntu/jammy-proposed] eventstat 0.04.13-1 (Accepted)

Colin Ian King colin.i.king at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 17:12:17 UTC 2021

eventstat (0.04.13-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * Makefile: add README.md to dist rule
  * manual: update date, author email and copyright
  * debian/watch: update watch path for tarball, move to version 4
  * debian/copyright: Update copyright and git URL
  * debian/control: update author email address and project URL
  * Add README.md file
  * snapcraft: update to core20

Date: 2021-11-10 16:27:42.936688+00:00
Changed-By: Colin Ian King <colin.i.king at gmail.com>
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