Accepted: tcl8.3 8.3.5-13 (source)

Ubuntu Installer archive at
Fri Jul 11 11:20:25 BST 2008

 OK: tcl8.3_8.3.5.orig.tar.gz
 OK: tcl8.3_8.3.5-13.diff.gz
 OK: tcl8.3_8.3.5-13.dsc
     -> Component: main Section: interpreters

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Fri,  11 Jul 2008 11:02:29 +0100
Source: tcl8.3
Binary: tcl8.3, tcl8.3-doc, tcl8.3-dev
Architecture: source
Version: 8.3.5-13
Distribution: intrepid
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Tcl/Tk Debian Packagers <pkg-tcltk-devel at>
Changed-By: Michael Bienia <michael at>
 tcl8.3     - Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.3 - run-time files
Closes: 484912
 tcl8.3 (8.3.5-13) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Fixed CVE-2007-4772 vulnerability (The regular expression parser in TCL
     before 8.4.17 allows attacker to cause a denial of service (infinite
     loop) via a crafted regular expression.)
   * Fixed CVE-2007-6067 vulnerability (The regular expression parser in TCL
     allows users to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via a
     crafted "complex" regular expression with doubly-nested states.)
   * Set urgency to medium as this upload fixes a security bug.
   * Protected quilt calls in debian/rules to make the source package
     convertible to 3.0 (quilt) format (closes: #484912).
   * Bumped standards version to 3.8.0.
 7d8206c2a8bdaf4b9609373e62f0076a 1149 libs optional tcl8.3_8.3.5-13.dsc
 8733f949a1a917b8ea891c4b6395b981 18803 libs optional tcl8.3_8.3.5-13.diff.gz

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