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Wed Jul 2 20:02:13 BST 2008

 OK: linux_2.6.26-3.8.tar.gz
 OK: linux_2.6.26-3.8.dsc
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Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 09:05:15 -0400
Source: linux
Binary: linux-source-2.6.26 linux-doc-2.6.26 linux-headers-2.6.26-3 linux-libc-dev linux-image-2.6.26-3-generic linux-headers-2.6.26-3-generic linux-image-debug-2.6.26-3-generic linux-image-2.6.26-3-server linux-headers-2.6.26-3-server linux-image-debug-2.6.26-3-server
Architecture: source
Version: 2.6.26-3.8
Distribution: intrepid
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Kernel Team <kernel-team at>
Changed-By: Ben Collins <ben.collins at>
 linux-doc-2.6.26 - Linux kernel specific documentation for version 2.6.26
 linux-headers-2.6.26-3 - Header files related to Linux kernel version 2.6.26
 linux-headers-2.6.26-3-generic - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.26 on x86/x86_64
 linux-headers-2.6.26-3-server - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.26 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-2.6.26-3-generic - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.26 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-2.6.26-3-server - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.26 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-debug-2.6.26-3-generic - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.26 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-debug-2.6.26-3-server - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.26 on x86/x86_64
 linux-libc-dev - Linux Kernel Headers for development
 linux-source-2.6.26 - Linux kernel source for version 2.6.26 with Ubuntu patches
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 132271 159241 163075 175834 207127 208250 236830 241295
 linux (2.6.26-3.8) intrepid; urgency=low
   [ Ben Collins ]
   * ubuntu: Add heci driver
   * ubuntu: Add heci to kconfig/kbuild
   * config: Enable heci module on all flavours
   * dm-bbr: Update to get it to compile with 2.6.26
   * config: Enable dm-bbr
   * ubuntu: Add some media drivers
   * config: Enable misc media drivers
   * udeb: Switch to uvesafb in fb-modules
   * abi: Add more modules to ignore (known)
   [ 2.6.26-3.7 ]
   [Amit Kucheria]
   * SAUCE: make fc transport removal of target configurable
      - LP: #163075
   * SAUCE: pm: Config option to disable handling of console during
   [Ben Collins]
   * SAUCE: input/mouse/alps: Do not call psmouse_reset() for alps
   * SAUCE: irda: Default to dongle type 9 on IBM hardware
   * SAUCE: tulip: Let dmfe handle davicom on non-sparc
   * SAUCE: tulip: Define ULI PCI ID's
   * SAUCE: version: Implement version_signature proc file.
   * build: Cleanup arches
   * build: Remove remnants of unused binary-custom infrastructure
   * build: Remove disable_d_i (not needed) and cleanup ppa build stuff
   * ubuntu: New modules, acer-acpi
   * build: Remove -virtual, and rebuild configs
   * ubuntu: Add drbd module
   * acer-acpi: Fix makefile
   * x86/Kconfig: Fix missing quote for ubuntu Kconfig source
   * ubuntu: Add iscsitarget module
   * ubuntu: Added Amiga FS driver
   * ubuntu: Add squashfs driver
   * ubuntu: Remove asfs (Amiga FS). Need to be in linux-ports instead
   * squashfs: Move headers to real include directory
   * build/configs: The Great Config Consistency Check of 2008
   * ubuntu: Move third-party includes to ubuntu/include
   * ubuntu: Add aufs module
   * ubuntu: Added atl2 driver
   * ubuntu: Add dm-radi4-5 driver
   * build: Add CONFIG_DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH=y to get old style warnings
     from build
   * ubuntu/Makefile: Fixup dm-raid4-5 and add kludge for kbuild
   * squashfs: Fixes for VFS changes
   * ubuntu/dm-raid4-5: Fixups for moved/renamed headers/functions in core
   * ubuntu: Add ndiswrapper driver
   * d-i: Update module listings
   * build: Disable xd block device (ancient)
   * ndiswrapper: Fixup makefile
   * d-i: Remove efi-modules. The only module, efivars, is built-in
   * build: Remove install-source, obsolete and caused build failure
   * Ubuntu-2.6.26-1.3
   * build: linux-doc rules got broken when disabling html side. Fixed now.
   * Ubuntu-2.6.26-1.4
   * x86: Update to -rc6 allows CONFIG_PCI_OLPC to work with PCI_GOANY
   * d-i: Make virtio-ring optional (it's built-in on i386)
   * Ubuntu-2.6.26-1.4
   * Ubuntu-2.6.26-1.5
   * config: Enable DVB devices
   * ubuntu/aufs: Make aufs a bool config, since it needs to be built-in
   * config: Build aufs into the kernels
   * build: Fix arguments passed to link-headers script
   * config: Disable early printk
   * d-i: Move isofs to storage-core and kill st (scsi tape) from list
   * config: Enable non-promiscuous access to /dev/mem
   * x86: Add option to disable decompression info messages
   * config: Enable no-bz-chatter config options
   * build: Re-add linux-source package
   * d-i: Re-add socket-modules. Accidentally removed
     - LP: #241295
   * Ubuntu-2.6.26-2.6
   * Use makedumpfile to generate a vmcoreinfo file.
   * build: Build-Depend on makedumpfile for vmcoreinfo generation
   * build: Remove debug print from git-ubuntu-log
   * Updated configs for -rc7
   * build: postinst, do not call depmod with -F
   * config: Enable rtc-cmos as a built-in driver.
   * control: Provide ndiswrapper-modules-1.9
   * build: Generate vmcoreinfo in image build for crashdumps without debug
   * config: Disable vesafb, since we'll prefer uvesafb
   * build: Copy uvesafb module to initrd mod directory
   * abi-check: New, more robust script
   * config: Enable heap randomization by default
   * abi-check: Cleanup output and call with perl (not $SHELL)
   * abi: Ignore missing vesafb (known)
   * config: Disable pcspkr (in favor of snd-pcsp)
   * swap: Add notify_swap_entry_free callback for compcache
   * compcache: Added ram backed compressed swap module
   * ubuntu: Enable kbuild and kconfig for compcache
   * config: Enable compcache and tlsf allocator as modules
   * config: Updated for -rc8. Disables XEN on i386
   * config: Switch i386-server to 64G, enable PAE, 64-bit res, and XEN
   * ubuntu: Add misc drivers from hardy lum
   * ubuntu: Enable build of misc/ subdir
   * config: Enable misc drivers
   * aufs: Fix warning about single non-string-literal arg to printf style
   * drivers: Remove some duplicate device entries in various modules
   * config: Disable some duplicate drivers
   * keyspan: Remove duplicate device ID's
   * check-aliases: Cleanup output, and fix rolling checks
   * ubuntu: Disable dm-bbr for now
   * dm-bbr: First cut at forward portiong. Still needs work.
   * ubuntu: Disable dm-bbr in kbuild/kconfig
   [Chuck Short]
   * SAUCE: ata: blacklist FUJITSU MHW2160BH PL
      - LP: #175834
   * SAUCE: [USB]: add ASUS LCM to the blacklist
   [Colin Ian King]
   * SAUCE: airprime.c supports more devices
     - LP: #208250
   * SAUCE: Enable speedstep for sonoma processors.
      - LP: #132271
   * Add dm-loop
   * Add dm-loop BOM
   [Kyle McMartin]
   * SAUCE: fix orinoco_cs oops
   [Mario Limonciello]
   * SAUCE: Enable Reset and SCO workaround on Dell 410 BT adapter
   [Matthew Garrett]
   * SAUCE: hostap: send events on data interface as well as master
   [Phillip Lougher]
   * SAUCE: r8169: disable TSO by default for RTL8111/8168B chipsets.
   [Stefan Bader]
   * SAUCE: Export dm_disk function of device-mapper
   * SAUCE: Restore VT fonts on switch
   * SAUCE: Always use SCO protocol (disable eSCO support) Bug: #39414
   * SAUCE: mmc: Increase power_up deleay to fix TI readers OriginalAuthor:
     Pascal Terjan <pterjan at> Bug: #137686
   * SAUCE: Add blacklist support to fix Belkin bluetooth dongle. Bug:
   * SAUCE: Lower warning level of pci resource allocation messages. Bug:
   * SAUCE: Lower message level for PCI memory and I/O allocation.
     - LP: #159241
   * Modify log generation to catch bug numbers when adding with git-am.
   [Tim Gardner]
   * Added the debian directory. Ignore: yes
   * Add support for UBUNTUINCLUDE Ignore: yes
   * LUM headers go in /usr/src Ignore: yes
   * First pass at 2.6.25 configs Ignore: yes
   * i386 -generic builds. Ignore: yes
   * SAUCE: Increase CONFIG_IDE_MAX_HWIFS to 8 (from 4)
   * SAUCE: Add extra headers to linux-libc-dev OriginalAuthor: Soren Hansen
   * Set CONFIG_DEVKMEM=n Ignore: yes
   * Enabled ALSA and CGROUPS for i386 Ignore: yes
   * Enabled amd64 configs. Ignore: yes
   * CONFIG_STANDALONE=n Ignore: yes
   * CONFIG_BLK_DEV_4DRIVES=n for i386 Ignore: yes
   * CONFIG: CONFIG_DEFAULT_RELATIME=y for all flavours. Ignore: yes
   * Set CONFIG_EDD_OFF=y Ignore: yes
   * SAUCE: Blacklist Bluetooth Dell Wireless 370 for SCO MTU
     OriginalAuthor: Mario Limonciello <Mario_Limonciello at> Bug:
   * SAUCE: Catch nonsense keycodes and silently ignore
   * SAUCE: frame buffer regression - screen blank except for blinking
     cursor after fbcon vtswitch OriginalAuthor: Matthew Garrett
     <mjg59 at> Bug: #201591
   * SAUCE: Added support for HDAPS on various ThinkPads from Lenovo and IBM
     OriginalAuthor: Klaus S. Madsen <ubuntu at>
     OriginalAuthor: Chuck Short <zulcss at>
   * SAUCE: Guest OS does not recognize a lun with non zero target id on
     Vmware ESX Server
   * SAUCE: orinoco_cs.ko missing
   * Set CONFIG_FB_VESA=m for i386/amd64 Ignore: yes
   * Set CONFIG_PM_DISABLE_CONSOLE=y for all flavours Ignore: yes
   * Thorough review of amd64 -generic config Ignore: yes
   * Build PPA packages for Hardy until the Intrepid archive is opened.
   * Deleted obsolete flavours Ignore: yes
   * Don't build docs for PPA Ignore: yes
   * Build all standard packages in PPA. Ignore: yes
   * Remove duplicate USB ids
   * SAUCE: DVB-USB UMT-010 driver oops on install Bug: #115284
   * Update configs after rebase to 2.6.26-rc1 Ignore: yes
   * Update configs after rebase Ignore: yes
   * Disable V4L until the build issues get ironed out. Ignore: yes
   * Update configs after rebase. Ignore: yes
   * Another device enable pass Ignore: yes
   * Update configs after merge. Ignore: yes
   * SAUCE: fn key doesn't work in hardy with macbook pro fourth generation
     - LP: #207127
     - LP: #236830
   [Upstream Kernel Changes]
   * Revert "[WATCHDOG] hpwdt: Add CFLAGS to get driver working"
   * mac80211: detect driver tx bugs
   * hwmon: (lm85) Fix function RANGE_TO_REG()
   * hwmon: (adt7473) Initialize max_duty_at_overheat before use
   * hwmon: Update the sysfs interface documentation
   * hwmon: (abituguru3) Identify Abit AW8D board as such
   * hwmon: (w83791d) new maintainer
   * hwmon: (abituguru3) update driver detection
   * hwmon: (lm75) sensor reading bugfix
   * ipv6: Remove options header when setsockopt's optlen is 0
   * ipv6: Drop packets for loopback address from outside of the box.
   * sched: rt: dont stop the period timer when there are tasks wanting to
   * sched: fix wait_for_completion_timeout() spurious failure under heavy
   * x86: fix NULL pointer deref in __switch_to
   * xen: Use wmb instead of rmb in xen_evtchn_do_upcall().
   * xen: mask unwanted pte bits in __supported_pte_mask
   * xen: don't drop NX bit
   * sched: refactor wait_for_completion_timeout()
   * Ext4: Fix online resize block group descriptor corruption
   * [IA64] SN2: security hole in sn2_ptc_proc_write
   * alpha: fix module load failures on smp (bug #10926)
   * alpha: link failure fix
   * alpha: fix compile failures with gcc-4.3 (bug #10438)
   * alpha: resurrect Cypress IDE quirk
   * pppoe: warning fix
   * sctp: Make sure N * sizeof(union sctp_addr) does not overflow.
   * netns: Don't receive new packets in a dead network namespace.
   * Add return value to reserve_bootmem_node()
   * Slab: Fix memory leak in fallback_alloc()
   * Fix performance regression on lmbench select benchmark
   * ALSA: aw2 - Fix Oops at initialization
   * ALSA: sb - Fix wrong assertions
   * futexes: fix fault handling in futex_lock_pi
   * IB/mthca: Clear ICM pages before handing to FW
   * tty_driver: Update required method documentation
   * removed unused var real_tty on n_tty_ioctl()
   * Fix ZERO_PAGE breakage with vmware
   * mm: fix race in COW logic
   * NFS: Reduce the NFS mount code stack usage.
   * NFS: Fix filehandle size comparisons in the mount code
   * NFS: nfs_updatepage(): don't mark page as dirty if an error occurred
   * alpha: fix compile error in arch/alpha/mm/init.c
   * KVM: Fix race between timer migration and vcpu migration
   * KVM: close timer injection race window in __vcpu_run
   * KVM: MMU: Fix rmap_write_protect() hugepage iteration bug
   * KVM: MMU: large page update_pte issue with non-PAE 32-bit guests
   * KVM: MMU: Fix oops on guest userspace access to guest pagetable
   * KVM: ioapic: fix lost interrupt when changing a device's irq
   * KVM: VMX: Fix host msr corruption with preemption enabled
   * [GFS2] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffff81002690e000
   * xen: remove support for non-PAE 32-bit
   * kgdb: documentation update - remove kgdboe
   * kgdb: sparse fix
   * [IA64] Fix boot failure on ia64/sn2
   * [IA64] Handle count==0 in sn2_ptc_proc_write()
   * [IA64] Eliminate NULL test after alloc_bootmem in iosapic_alloc_rte()
   * [GFS2] fix gfs2 block allocation (cleaned up)
   * x86: Add structs and functions for paravirt clocksource
   * x86: Make xen use the paravirt clocksource structs and functions
   * KVM: Make kvm host use the paravirt clocksource structs
   * x86: KVM guest: Use the paravirt clocksource structs and functions
   * KVM: Remove now unused structs from kvm_para.h
   * enable bus mastering on i915 at resume time
   * Linux 2.6.26-rc8
   * # Ubuntu external driver commit.
   * # Ubuntu commit template.
 ff55923a3f92ed29c99ef7aa7a735182 912 devel optional linux_2.6.26-3.8.dsc
 de019c9f1e5020d47c44465ad6fd9741 65599959 devel optional linux_2.6.26-3.8.tar.gz

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