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Mon Feb 7 15:28:18 CST 2005

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Yay more spam, feed it to Thunderbird and let it filter it for you.

Seriously, I get so little spam here (subscribed to many mailing lists
even) that over time my spam filter gets LESS accurate and needs tuning.
 I only have to mark mail once every month or two though; it's usually

It's annoying coming downstream, but closing a list for non-subscribers
is also annoying.  I've noticed many lists are closed to
non-subscribers, yet they still get much spam, some as high as 3 spams
between legitimate messages.  Perhaps spammers can subscribe to a list
as well and have their domain forward all trapped messages to a spam
mailbox that lets the spam daemon reply, validate, and get on the
mailing list?  Wouldn't be hard if you had control of the server the
spam was sent from.

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Nils Jeppe">
>>Guys, PLEASE close down the lists for non-subscribers. I get more than
>>enough spam already.
> For various reasons, this has not been appropriate for the hoary-changes
> list, however we are working at a useful workaround for it. We apologise for
> the noise in the mean time.
>>You are making yourself guilty of assisting them, and I *will* report it
>>accordingly via spamcop et al.
> That would not be even remotely productive.
> - Jeff

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