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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Fri,  04 Feb 2005 19:18:14 +0000
Source: tome
Binary: tome
Architecture: source
Version: 2.3.1-1
Distribution: hoary
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta at>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <katie at>
 tome       - A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game.
 tome (2.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
        - Fix loading and saving of skills, I hope.  Unfortunately this breaks save
          compatiability, though.  The saves must be deleted again. -- Neil
        - Fix negative skills -- Neil
        - Don't use weaponmastery combat when weaponmastery skill is negative -- Neil
 tome (2.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
      Gameplay changes:
      - Added the new Mimic shapes and updated the old ones -- masmarangio
      - Destroying items manually now takes no time -- neil
      - Added the spell Sterilize and Staves of Sterilization from ToME 3.0.0.
      - Added the spell Inertia Control from ToME 3.0.0 -- masmarangio
      Object changes:
      - Removed portable holes as have been useless for as long as merchants have
      been removed from game. --fearoffours
      - k_info.txt: Changed comments and descriptions of the items, mostly from
      the wiki (Bug # 176) and added missing descriptions (IdeaArchive)
      Added article (&) in the name of armours (Bug # 81),
      The spelling of some item names was changed: Scroll of Enchant Armour,
      *Enchant Armour*, Curse Armour, Summon Monsters, Basilard
      Added COULD2H to the Claymore and MUST2H to the Espadon.
      - ra_info.txt: Added a STR-increasing part without combat bonuses for diggers
      - e_info.txt: Diggers cannot be of Earthquakes anymore (there are combat boni
      involved) - perhaps an own ego type should be added... -- masmarangio
      - No more blessed boomerangs -- neil
      Player changes:
      - Class no longer influences the internal Angband 'skills' of Disarming,
      Magic Devices, Saving Throw, Stealth, Searching, Perception, Hand-to-Hand
      combat, Missile Combat, and Throwing. ToME skills instead have the same
      effect for all classes. -- neil
      - Water Bite no longer has a damage cap -- neil
      - Except for infravision, all innate class or racial effects on skills are
      gone. All skills have equal effect for all classes, and races now give
      starting skill bonuses. -- Neil
      - Mages are more geared toward a mix of Magic and Combat, while Sorcerors
      have more options than pure Sorcery -- Neil
      - Priests disarm as well as Warriors do now -- neil
      Misc changes:
      - a_info.txt: Updated names of artifacts in the comments -- masmarangio
      - object.pkg: Added psychometry() for easier mindcraft testing.
      - birth.txt, index.txt : Corrected and added abbreviations
      gen_idx.lua: removed non-existent file and sorted file list
      - Updated luckspoiler -- masmarangio
      - Typo in s_fire.lua, from the wiki -- masmarangio
      - rm_skeleton.txt, rm_zombie.txt: They cannot restore life force, and zombies
      are not resistant to nether -- masmarangio
      - Helpfile updates for all character classes. -- masmarangio
      - util.pkg: Added lite_spot() and note_spot() for modules -- masmarangio
      - g_melkor.txt: Added fire resistance for worshippers of Melkor
      - p_info.txt: Removed the useless skill Prayer for Maiar -- masmarangio
      - help file documentation restructuring, copying appropriate rewrites from
      wiki. -- fearoffours
      - Various minor changes to helpfiles, reflecting current changes to
      documentaiton on the wiki. --fearoffours
      - k_info.txt: Fixed name of the commented out portable holes -- masmarangio
      - Fixed some typographical errors, mostly from the wiki:
      cmd1.c: [The monster] fall -> falls, deleted space (Bug # 80 from the wiki)
      k_info.txt: Added & for Climbing sets (Bug # 81 from the wiki)
      q_one.c: You felt -> You fell (Bug # 94 from the wiki)
      monster2.c: It tries to breed but he fails: he -> it (Bug # 98 from the wiki)
      bldg.c: Changed wording of the soothsayer (Bug # 106 from the wiki)
      tables.c: Minor changes in the One Ring quest (Bug # 117 from the wiki)
      q_invas.c: jumps out of the between -> appears, deleted spaces,
      added single quotes in direct speech (Bug # 119 from the wiki)
      q_between.c: Deleted space, changed comments -- masmarangio
      - book-4.txt: Capitalised 'Ring' (Bug # 135 from the wiki) -- masmarangio
      - options.txt: Also removed the options from the help file -- masmarangio
      - cmd6.c: replaced the recall activation code by recall_player -- masmarangio
      - monster1.c: missing spaces in description (Bug # 169) -- masmarangio
      - Modules need to define three new variables to control the chance or
      random artifact generation. random_artifact_weapon_chance,
      random_artifact_armor_chance, random_artifact_jewelry_chance control
      the chance for different types of items. -- neil
      - mods_aux.lua: Added default values for random artifact generation;
      updated the skill values -- masmarangio
      - cmd6.c: protect evil -> protection from evil, s_stick.lua: town -> surface
      q_betwen.c, q_invas.c: speak -> speaks (from the forum) -- masmarangio
      - tr_info.txt: Spelling of Lite (Bug # 182), Armor, Paralyzing -- masmarangio
      - The (Ctrl-Q) Quest screen now shows which number god quest you have been given
      and an additional line in your character dump shows how many have been
      successfully completed. -- fearoffours
      - Help updates from the wiki - lots of it Maylith's work, esp FAQ updates.
      -- fearoffours
      - Corrected the description of the Disarm, Call the Elements and Channel
      Elements spells (without changing the code) (Bug # 175) -- masmarangio
      - tome-faq.txt, index.txt: Typo (Bug # 196) -- masmarangio
      - s_info.txt: Antimagic: generates -> generate (Bug # 198) -- masmarangio
      - powers.c: replaced the recall power code by recall_player
      q_troll.c: Fixed typos from the wiki (Bug # 208) -- masmarangio
      - tables.c: Removed harpers and some other small changes (Bug # 212)
      cmd6.c: Added "and" in the description of ACT_ROHAN (Bug # 213)
      -- masmarangio
      - m_demono.txt, s_demon.lua: armor -> armour class (Bug # 217)
      - dun3.18: description of DimGates: fills -> fill (Bug # 223)
      -- masmarangio
      - init1.c: The parser adds missing spaces at the end of the
      description of artifacts, like it did for objects. -- masmarangio
      - Race, class and race modifier help files updates to reflect changes
      in skill bonuses. -- fearoffours
      Some changes to random artifact and scrolls of artifact creation
      (See Bugs # 206, 222, 226 on the wiki):
      - externs.h: Moved some functions listed under spells2.c to proper sections
      - k_info.txt: Added "mundane" to the description of the scroll
      - q_ultrag.c: Quest texts changed as reported in Bug # 210 -- masmarangio
      - spells.lua: Sorted the Conveyance spells by level (Bug # 233)
      -- masmarangio
      - Helpfiles reflect changes to skills (priest disarming and racial
      spirituality update). -- fearoffours
      - library.lua: Added OBJ_FOUND_REWARD to the tome (Bug # 237) -- masmarangio
      Dungeon changes:
      - Added the first new special level from ToME 3.0.0, Galleon in Helcaraxe
      -- masmarangio
      - Added the special level Factory in the Illusory Castle -- masmarangio
      - dungeon.c: Level of the Death dungeon is the minimum level from d_info.txt
      Bug fixes:
      - dungeon.c: Light should consume fuel at a rate of 1 / turn -- masmarangio
      - A store (e.g. the mathom house) can contain up to 255 items (in defines.h
      STORE_INVEN_MAX limited the number of items to 24) (Note: the limit is
      stored in a byte in loadsaves.c) -- masmarangio
      - s_meta.lua: Inertia controlled spells are not casted in wilderness mode.
      s_mana.lua: Inertia level of Disruption Shield is 9 (needed spell level 45)
      m_meta.txt: Added a list of controllable spells -- masmarangio
      - p_info.txt: Archers and Rangers gain the missing Spirituality skill
      p_info.txt: Removed the old Mimic Cloak (new cloak in player.lua)
      - p_info.txt: Thunderlords start with Stealth -16.000 (from the wiki)
      - cmd7.c: Fixed Alchemy recharging bug (thanks to Scott)
      - al_info.txt: Removed the old Mimic Potions -- masmarangio
      - monspeak.txt: Added some lines for Groo to fix a bug -- masmarangio
      - files.c: Corrected display of Climb flag, immunity to Nether, negative
      pvals < -9. Added Sentient, Clone, Spider ESP flags. -- masmarangio
      - files.c: Added flags from the gods and spell schools to the character
      screen. Added also flags from wielded symbiotes. -- masmarangio
      - cmd4.c: Quest list without random quests in DL > 98 -- masmarangio
      - randart.c: An item with pval > 0 (e.g. an Elven Cloak) can gain parts
      with a max_pval = 0 (e.g. resistances and immunities) -- masmarangio
      - ow_info.txt: missing C: lines reduced the purse to 0 -- masmarangio
      - object1.c: don't wield bolts with instruments and pebbles with boomerangs
      (Bug # 127 from the wiki) -- masmarangio
      - object1.c: mention_use and describe_use list all available slots, check all
      weapon weights and distinguish between instruments and bows (Bug # 87)
      object1.c: Res Chaos implies Res Confusion (for the character screen)
      xtra1.c: Magical breath implies Water breath (from the wiki) -- masmarangio
      - Z and Cth monster options removed, as in ToME 3. This fixes, among other
      things, the Death Orb issues. -- neil
      - a_info.txt: Corrected two typos (Bugs # 140, 146 from the wiki)
      k_info.txt: Changed description of Bastard Sword, added RES_CHAOS to the
      known flags of a Blade of Chaos (it's mentioned in the description)
      files.c: Terminated highscore strings with \0, changed total_points
      slightly to prevent an overflow error (Bug # 139 from the wiki)
      v_info.txt: Corrected the x size of vault 99 and 104 -- masmarangio
      - dungeon.c: Set dungeon_type to wilderness when recalling out. This should
      fix the various Moria recalling bugs (Bug # 95)
      - spells2.c: Redraw trap status after passwall (Bug # 51)
      store.c: Removed '))' when displaying a large store -- masmarangio
      - al_info.txt: removed recipe for Scroll of Spell (Bug # 179), added recipe
      for Staff of Sterilisation (Bug # 77) -- masmarangio
      - cmd6.c: Added timeout for junkarts in the activation description (ugly fix)
      tables.c: Replaced ACT_CURE_POISON by not used ACT_CURE_POIS -- masmarangio
      - Once a god quest is failed, you will not receive any more god quests.
      -- fearoffours
      - bldg.c: Research item (Bug # 191) and research monster are now paid
      correctly -- masmarangio
      - spells2.c: Diggers cannot be enchanted with scrolls -- masmarangio
      - files.c: Fixed displayed barehanded damage (Patch from Scott, Bug # 195)
      -- masmarangio
      - files.c: Remove / restore CAVE_VIEW before / after saving the game.
      This solves a long standing bug with the lighting of the dungeon
      since the temporary arrays that hold the position of the viewed
      grids are not stored in the save file (Bug # 19). -- masmarangio
      - cmd6.c: the selection of artifactable items can be escaped now
      randart.c: *ID* the object before listing the powers, some re-ordering
      - spells2.c: Re-add diggers to item_tester_artifactable, and limit the
      selection to normal items due to complains (no ego items or artifacts)
      - ra_info.txt: Fixed two W-lines with 4 entries and added a missing C-line
      - k_info.txt: Reduced throwing damage of totems to 1 -- masmarangio
      - st_info.txt: Fixed the changed item names in the stores (StatusReport3)
      - Fix for disappearing artifacts (especially guardian artifacts) during load / save
      thanks to SimonSorc
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