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intel-microcode (3.20210216.0ubuntu0.21.04.1) hirsute-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: New upstream microcode datafile 2021-02-16 (LP: #1927911)
    + Updated Microcodes:
      sig 0x00050654, pf_mask 0xb7, 2020-12-31, rev 0x2006a0a, size 36864
      sig 0x00050656, pf_mask 0xbf, 2020-12-31, rev 0x4003006, size 53248
      sig 0x00050657, pf_mask 0xbf, 2020-12-31, rev 0x5003006, size 53248
      sig 0x000706a1, pf_mask 0x01, 2020-06-09, rev 0x0034, size 74752
    - CVE-2020-8695 RAPL, INTEL-TA-00389
    - CVE-2020-8696 Vector Register Leakage-Active, INTEL-TA-00381
    - CVE-2020-8698 Fast forward store predictor, INTEL-TA-00381
  * SECURITY REGRESSION: Some CPUs in the Tiger Lake family sig=0x806c1
    fail to boot (LP: #1903883)
    - remove 06-8c-01/0x000806c1 microcode

Date: 2021-05-14 08:13:14.869183+00:00
Changed-By: Alex Murray <alex.murray at canonical.com>
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