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Scott Kitterman scott at
Tue Jan 15 21:45:21 GMT 2008

 OK: courier_0.58.0.orig.tar.gz
 OK: courier_0.58.0-1ubuntu1.diff.gz
 OK: courier_0.58.0-1ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: mail

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 14:58:21 -0500
Source: courier
Binary: courier-mlm courier-ldap courier-faxmail courier-pcp courier-maildrop courier-imap courier-mta-ssl courier-pop-ssl courier-base sqwebmail courier-ssl courier-pop courier-mta courier-webadmin courier-imap-ssl courier-doc
Architecture: source
Version: 0.58.0-1ubuntu1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
Changed-By: Scott Kitterman <scott at>
 courier-base - Courier mail server - base system
 courier-doc - Courier mail server - additional documentation
 courier-faxmail - Courier mail server - Fax<->mail gateway
 courier-imap - Courier mail server - IMAP server
 courier-imap-ssl - Courier mail server - IMAP over SSL
 courier-ldap - Courier mail server - LDAP support
 courier-maildrop - Courier mail server - mail delivery agent
 courier-mlm - Courier mail server - mailing list manager
 courier-mta - Courier mail server - ESMTP daemon
 courier-mta-ssl - Courier mail server - ESMTP over SSL
 courier-pcp - Courier mail server - PCP server
 courier-pop - Courier mail server - POP3 server
 courier-pop-ssl - Courier mail server - POP3 over SSL
 courier-ssl - Courier mail server - SSL/TLS Support
 courier-webadmin - Courier mail server - web-based administration frontend
 sqwebmail  - Courier mail server - webmail server
Closes: 446588 449518 449518 450997 451154 451649 452439 452505 452935 452952 453624
 courier (0.58.0-1ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
     - debian/watch - Added
     - debian/compat - Added
     - debian/control:
       - Changed maintainer to MOTU
       - Bumped Standards-Version to 3.7.3
       - Changed Build-Depend libgamin-dev instead libfam-dev
       - Updated Build-Depend to debhelper >= 5.0.37
       - Updated Build-Depend to libldap2-dev instead libldap-dev
       - Updated Build-Depend to apache2 instead apache
       - Dropped Build-Depend libmysqlclient-dev
       - Added Build-Depend po-debconf
       - Changed Depends to postfix instead exim4
       - Added Depends debconf to courier-mta, sqwebmail, courier-imap,
         courier-webadmin, courier-pop, courier-ssl
       - Added Depends lsb-base to courier-mta, sqwebmail, courier-imap,
         courier-pcp, courier-ldap, courier-mta-ssl, courier-pop-ssl,
       - Added Depends openssl to courier-pop-ssl
     - debian/courier-imap.templates - Added
     - debian/courier-base.templates, debian/courier-webadmin.templates,
       - Grammar and prompt cleanup
     - debian/courier-imap.init, debian/courier-imap-ssl.init,
       debian/courier-ldap.init, debian/courier-mta.init,
       debian/courier-mta-ssl.init, debian/courier-pcp.init,
       debian/courier-pop-.init, debian/courier-pop-ssl.init, sqwebmail.init:
       - Added LSB sections
       - Fixed MAILDIR var to MAILDIRPATH
     - debian/po/cs.po, debian/po/es.po, debian/po/fr.po,
       debian/po/gl.po, debian/po/ja.po, debian/po/nl.po, debian/po/pt.po,
       debian/po/pt_BR.po, debian/po/ru.po, debian/po/sv.po, debian/po/tr.po,
       debian/po/vi.po, debian/po/templates.pot:
       - Fixed
     - debian/rules:
       - Dropped DH_COMPAT
       - Fixed shared/index to drop warnings
     - debian/sqwebmail.pam:
       - Added common-session
     - debian/srcmgr:
       - Fixed to remove recursive
 courier (0.58.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * new upstream release
   * removed obsolete courier-base/authlib-initial template
     (Closes: #446588, thanks to Christian Perrier <bubulle at> for
     the report)
   * include port in logcheck files
   * Debconf templates and debian/control reviewed by the debian-l10n-
     english team as part of the Smith review project
     (Closes: #449518, #449518)
   * update Galician translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #450997,
     thanks to Jacobo Tarrio <jtarrio at>)
   * update Portugues translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #451154,
     thanks to Miguel Figueiredo <elmig at>)
   * update German translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #451649,
     thanks to Holger Wansing <linux at>)
   * added Finnish translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #452439,
     thanks to Esko Arajärvi <edu at>)
   * updated Turkish translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #452505,
     thanks to Mehmet Turker <mturker at>)
   * updated Russian translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #452935,
     thanks to Sergey Alyoshin <alyoshin.s at>)
   * updated Dutch translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #452952,
     thanks to Bart Cornelis <cobaco at>)
   * updated Vietnamese translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #453624,
     thanks to Clytie Siddall <clytie at>)
 c3a75a371074e80da12b6f11bd83acfe 1246 mail optional courier_0.58.0-1ubuntu1.dsc
 7512f8de14180508402f8553b1fba50d 10877618 mail optional courier_0.58.0.orig.tar.gz
 2936008f2ff0f7f2fbd612b740e184cd 156762 mail optional courier_0.58.0-1ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke at>

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