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Mon Jan 7 21:04:55 GMT 2008

 OK: rott_1.0.orig.tar.gz
 OK: rott_1.0-5.diff.gz
 OK: rott_1.0-5.dsc
     -> Component: multiverse Section: games

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Mon,  07 Jan 2008 19:27:17 +0000
Source: rott
Binary: rott
Architecture: source
Version: 1.0-5
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Fabian Greffrath <fabian at>
Changed-By: Emmet Hikory <persia at>
 rott       - Rise of the Triad -- The HUNT Begins
Closes: 419035
 rott (1.0-5) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/control:
     + Added 'Homepage:' control field.
     + Added 'Suggests: freepats, timidity' for music playback.
   * debian/rules:
     + Pass CFLAGS over to $(MAKE).
     + Patch before clean, unpatch after clean.
     + Do not manually remove 'rott/rott' anymore (see patch #13).
   * debian/manpage/rott.6:
     + Removed description of soundsetup option (see patch #21).
   * debian/patches/10-32bitisms.dpatch:
     + Dropped in favour of a series of patches courtesy of Michael Karcher
      <debian at>:
   * debian/patches/11-new-fix32.dpatch:
     + Fixes assumptions about sizes of integral types. Important for
       64 bit architectures (in conjunction with patch #14).
   * debian/patches/12-fix-char-byte.dpatch:
     + Makes signed/unsigned chars more consistent to suppress compiler
       warnings. No functional change.
   * debian/patches/13-improve-makefile.dpatch:
     + Makes CFLAGS overridable and removes executable on clean.
   * debian/patches/14-fix-modex-ptr.dpatch:
     + Cleans up use of integers instead of pointers to hold the base
       address of the frame buffer (Closes: #419035).
   * debian/patches/16-fix-random-actors.dpatch:
     + Fix direction of random opponents.
   * debian/patches/17-no-newline-in-addmessage.dpatch (instead of #20):
     + Remove unsupported newlines from game messages. Important unless
       signed character fix from 18-fix-drawichar is applied.
    (+ Applied instead of upstream SVN commit 220.)
   * debian/patches/18-fix-drawichar.dpatch:
     + Fix cast for indexing an array with a character.
   * debian/patches/19-playerarrow.dpatch:
     + Modify DrawMap_PlayerArrow to avoid a off-by-one bug trying to
       access scanline 201.
   * debian/patches/20-printf-no-long.dpatch:
     + Change tons of printf format strings to not use the "l" modifier
       when printing "int" or even "byte" variables.
     + Also add gcc's format attribute to printf-like functions and
       make Error() a noreturn function.
   * debian/patches/21-no-soundsetup.dpatch:
     + Disable sound setup except on DOS.
   * Applied another series of patches from upstream SVN:
   * debian/patches/30-svn-210.dpatch:
     + Implement missing UL_ChangeDirectory.
   * debian/patches/31-svn-211.dpatch:
     + Add keyboard updates.
   * debian/patches/33-svn-213.dpatch:
     + Add some missing include guards.
   * debian/patches/35-svn-215ab.dpatch:
     + Sparc fixes from Damian M Gryski <dgryski at>.
     + Force `size' to be a multiple of 4 in Z_Malloc
       to prevent unaligned access (SIGBUS).
     + Prevent SIGBUS in ConvertStringToPasswordString.
   * debian/patches/36-svn-216.dpatch:
     + Replace FixedMul with one from Dan that optimizes better.
   * debian/patches/37-svn-217c.dpatch:
     + Change AUDIO_S16 to AUDIO_S16SYS in rott/fx_man.c.
   * debian/patches/39-svn-219.dpatch:
     + Another attempt at restoring the original EKG mode.
   * debian/patches/41-svn-221.dpatch:
     + Fix an incorrect array access.
    (+ Applied instead of Michael Karcher's patch #15.)
 4080e3b848e0050ba1892e40c7da9135 55922 contrib/games optional rott_1.0-5.diff.gz
 b05f57bba8641f29479efd4ffe3b0ccb 633 contrib/games optional rott_1.0-5.dsc

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