Accepted: 1.1.99-3 (source)

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Fri Jan 4 11:02:11 GMT 2008

 OK: mpdcon.app_1.1.99.orig.tar.gz
 OK: mpdcon.app_1.1.99-3.diff.gz
 OK: mpdcon.app_1.1.99-3.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: sound

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Fri,  04 Jan 2008 10:04:24 +0000
Architecture: source
Version: 1.1.99-3
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian GNUstep maintainers <pkg-gnustep-maintainers at>
Changed-By: Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz at>
Description: - MPD controller for GNUstep
Closes: 270022 451452 452253
Changes: (1.1.99-3) unstable; urgency=low
   [Yavor Doganov]
   * debian/control (Maintainer): Adopting package, thanks Gürkan for
     maintaining it so far.  Set the GNUstep team as maintainer (Closes:
     (Uploaders): Add myself.
     (Build-Depends): Bump debhelper to >= 5, libgnustep-gui-dev to >=
     0.12.  Drop gnustep-make.  Add imagemagick for the icon conversion.
     (Provides): Add, provides mpd-client; thanks Eric Wong (Closes:
   * debian/compat: Set to 5.
   * debian/dirs: Deleted.
   * debian/rules (d_app, LDFLAGS): Define.
     (OPTFLAG): Define conditionally.
     (build-stamp): Do not source; define GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES and
     honor the flags we set.  Touch the target using automatic variable.
     Convert the app icon in XPM format for the menu.
     (clean): Use gs_make (Closes: #451452).  Delete the generated icon.
     (install): Adapt as the build-stamp target.  Delete the invalid
     desktop file and install our.  Install the XPM icon and the lintian
     override here.  Do not invoke dh_installdirs; not used.
     (binary-arch): Do not create symlynk to the app wrapper.
   * debian/MPDCon.desktop: Add.
   * debian/menu (section): Changed to `Applications/Sound'.
     (icon, longtitle): Add.
   [Hubert Chathi]
   * debian/control (Suggests): add Suggests mpd.
 c0365f7df03531c670d09530bb978e13 703 sound optional mpdcon.app_1.1.99-3.dsc
 f846e47b11883f87ffe1c7c4e1fd3927 3939 sound optional mpdcon.app_1.1.99-3.diff.gz

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