Accepted: firefox-3.0 3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (source)

Alexander Sack asac at
Wed Jan 2 18:45:42 GMT 2008

 OK: firefox-3.0_3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
 OK: firefox-3.0_3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
 OK: firefox-3.0_3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: web

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Format: 1.7
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 15:43:50 +0100
Source: firefox-3.0
Binary: firefox-granparadiso firefox-granparadiso-gnome-support firefox-granparadiso-dev firefox-trunk-dev firefox-trunk-venkman firefox-3.0-dom-inspector firefox-3.0-venkman firefox-trunk-gnome-support firefox-3.0 firefox-granparadiso-dom-inspector firefox-3.0-gnome-support firefox-trunk firefox-3.0-dev firefox-trunk-dom-inspector
Architecture: source
Version: 3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Alexander Sack <asac at>
Changed-By: Alexander Sack <asac at>
 firefox-3.0 - lightweight web browser based on Mozilla (Development Version)
 firefox-3.0-dev - Development files for Mozilla Firefox (Development Version)
 firefox-3.0-dom-inspector - dummy upgrade package for firefox-3.0-dom-inspector -> xulrunner-
 firefox-3.0-gnome-support - Support for Gnome in Mozilla Firefox (Development Version)
 firefox-3.0-venkman - dummy upgrade package for firefox-3.0-venkman -> xulrunner-1.9-ve
 firefox-granparadiso - dummy upgrade package for firefox-granparadiso -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-granparadiso-dev - dummy upgrade package for firefox-granparadiso -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-granparadiso-dom-inspector - dummy upgrade package for firefox-granparadiso -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-granparadiso-gnome-support - dummy upgrade package for firefox-granparadiso -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-trunk - dummy upgrade package for firefox-trunk -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-trunk-dev - dummy upgrade package for firefox-trunk -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-trunk-dom-inspector - dummy upgrade package for firefox-trunk -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-trunk-gnome-support - dummy upgrade package for firefox-trunk -> firefox-3.0
 firefox-trunk-venkman - dummy upgrade package for firefox-trunk -> firefox-3.0
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 89381 123118 160942 163746 178066 179706
 firefox-3.0 (3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   * new years upstream snapshot (3.0b3 pre, CVS 20080101t1000) features:
     - new firefox 3 version (LP: #178066)
     - file upload dialog has preview for images (LP: #89381)
     - gnome/gtk theme icons for main navigation and mime-type icons work
       properly now (LP: #160942)
     - honours proper plugin/extension locations now (LP: #123118)
     - import bookmarks from ffox 2 properly (LP: #163746)
     - proper implementation for adding security exceptions (LP: #179706)
   [ Alexander Sack ]
   * new upstream snapshot (3.0b3 pre, CVS 20080101t1000)
   * update firefox-profile patch because of changed upstream codebase
     - update debian/patches/firefox-profilename
   * firefox-3.0 now has its own extensions directory because latest
     xulrunner-1.9 supports extensions (and plugins) in three directories:
     PROFILE, APP (ffox), GRE (xul)
     - update debian/firefox-3.0.dirs
     - update debian/rules
   * exceptional official branding release for cvs version to hardy: add easy to
     use FORCE_OFFICIAL_BRANDING switch in rules and enable it for this release
     - update debian/rules
   [ Fabien Tassin ]
   * Move xulrunner-1.9 dependencies to b3
     - update debian/control
 firefox-3.0 (3.0~b2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   [ Fabien Tassin ]
   * new upstream snapshot (3.0b2 from FIREFOX_3_0b2_RELEASE)
     - update debian/changelog
   * Drop debian/patches/no-have-stdint-h-ftbfs.patch integrated
     upstream and bump xulrunner requirements to 1.9~b2~cvs20071119
     - update debian/control
     - drop debian/patches/no-have-stdint-h-ftbfs.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add libdbus-glib-1-dev >= 0.60 to build-deps. See MozBug #388743.
     - update debian/control
   * Update rules to use system cairo if cairo >= 1.5.4 is found
     - update debian/rules
   * Add libpixman-1-dev to build-deps, needed by system cairo
     - update debian/control
   * Update Standards-Version to 3.7.3
     - update debian/control
   * Drop -1.9 suffix of expected xulrunner-1.9 pkg-config files
     - update debian/patches/nspr_flags_by_pkg_config_hack.patch
   * Fold Build-Depends line making changes easier to track in diffs
     - update debian/control
   [ Alexander Sack ]
   * use system nspr and system nss; add build-depends accordingly
     - update debian/control
     - update debian/rules
   * add versioned depends on xulrunner-1.9 >= 1.9~b2+nobinonly which is the
     first xulrunner-1.9 that officially uses system nspr/nss.
   * tighten dependency on xulrunner-1.9 << 1.9~b3~
     - update debian/control
   * drop DEV_PACKAGE_INDICATION business because xulrunner pkg-config files
     properly reference system-nss/nspr since 1.9+b2+nobinonly
     - update debian/rules
 3fa7fd96d3c258173bc06ac5c13c32fb 2208 web optional firefox-3.0_3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.dsc
 9a3211b0795a8ba9e5d4e05426442c64 10046487 web optional firefox-3.0_3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
 8157e05c333354ede5901a53e88aa76c 93004 web optional firefox-3.0_3.0~b3~cvs20080101t1000+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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