Accepted: smplayer 0.6.0~rc2-1 (source)

Ubuntu Installer archive at
Mon Feb 18 21:35:08 GMT 2008

 OK: smplayer_0.6.0~rc2.orig.tar.gz
 OK: smplayer_0.6.0~rc2-1.diff.gz
 OK: smplayer_0.6.0~rc2-1.dsc
     -> Component: multiverse Section: graphics

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Mon,  18 Feb 2008 20:16:07 +0000
Source: smplayer
Binary: smplayer, smplayer-translations
Architecture: source
Version: 0.6.0~rc2-1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Matvey Kozhev <sikon at>
Changed-By: Matvey Kozhev <sikon at>
 smplayer   - complete front-end for MPlayer
 smplayer (0.6.0~rc2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Upload to Debian.
   * debian/control:
     - Changed maintainer field back.
 1ed346cc4d55ddb3c98f58a63c91be5a 6383 graphics optional smplayer_0.6.0~rc2-1.diff.gz
 f9486341cc65fcbdd0c515a2a2b5620e 664 graphics optional smplayer_0.6.0~rc2-1.dsc

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