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Fri Feb 15 11:22:54 GMT 2008

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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Fri,  15 Feb 2008 11:09:37 +0000
Source: blender
Binary: blender
Architecture: source
Version: 2.45-3
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Blender Maintainers <pkg-blender-maintainers at>
Changed-By: Daniel Hahler <launchpad at>
 blender    - Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer
Closes: 445154 462116 462949 463162
 blender (2.45-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Update the following patch to make YafRay available in the list of
     renderers again (Closes: #462949):
      - 50_debian_build_config.
   * Install the bpymodules/ directory in /usr/share/blender/scripts
     instead of under the blender/ subdirectory. This way, no special-case
     is needed when dealing with the creation of the symlinks in the user's
     ~/.blender/scripts directory, and it's not possible for another
     package to ship such a directory either (possibly preventing corner
     cases). As a side note, having this directory right under scripts/ is
     needed because the modules it contains are accessed through a
     hardcoded path (Closes: #463162).
   * Modify the wrapper again:
      - Extend the detection of the need for a migration to this revision.
      - Use straightforward syntax for the “dpkg --compare-versions” call,
        thanks Florian Ernst.
      - Ensure the scripts/ directory is present.
      - Adjust the creation of the bpydata symlink.
      - Fix the removal of the locale symlink (which is no longer needed).
 blender (2.45-2) unstable; urgency=low
   [ User-visible changes ]
   * Rework the blender wrapper. As it was written, it might discard user
     customization in the ~/.blender directory. Now, a subdirectory named
     after the previous version number is created, and previous
     configuration items are stored there before updating to the latest
     data shipped by upstream. This way, last features are available by
     default, while previous configuration is still accessible if needed.
   * The wrapper also used to create many symlinks under ~/.blender/scripts
     and has now been modified to rather create a single symlink per
     package. Other packages can now ship Blender scripts under
     /usr/share/blender/scripts/$package, and a symlink to this directory
     will be added automatically during the next startup.
   * Previous links (to /usr/lib/blender/…) should also be removed
   * Add “-W” to the “Exec” key of blender-fullscreen.desktop, so that
     Blender is really launched fullscreen (without window borders and
     possible decorations). It's still amazing to see how collaborative
     developers from sister distributions can be.
   [ Great cleanup ]
   * Switch from python-central to python-support:
      - debian/control:
         - B-D: Replace python-central with python-support.
         - B-D: Replace python2.4-dev with python-dev.
         - Drop python-centralish additional fields: X{S,B}-Python-Version.
      - debian/rules:
         - Replace dh_pycentral with dh_pysupport.
   * Remove the homepage from the long description.
   * Remove the binary and source lintian overrides about the additional
     “Homepage” source field, which is now official.
   * Replace many “install” calls in debian/rules by a call to“
     dh_install” and appropriate lines in debian/blender.install.That also
     fixes the spurious installation of the SVG icon in a 32x32 icon folder.
   * Move the locales where they belong: /usr/share/locale. Remove the symlink
     from the wrapper, it is no longer needed.
   * Remove the dot from the filenames of the Blanguages and bfont.ttf files,
     so that they no longer appear as hidden. Also move them to /usr/share.
     Modify the wrapper accordingly, so that it symlinks to the new locations.
     Also add a TODO about a possible removal of the font symlink.
   * Also move the scripts hierarchy and the VERSION file to /usr/share. Adapt
     the wrapper for this purpose too. Adapt the “chmod” call in debian/rules
   * Drop the optimization lowering on mips(el) from debian/rules, although
     #354439 isn't marked as fixed yet. Thanks to Arthur Loiret for checking
     that the build goes fine with current gcc version.
   * Actually drop the “ccache” detection introduced in 2.45-1. Setting the
     PATH is much more straightforward.
   * General cleanup of debian/rules, especially superfluous use of $(CURDIR).
   * Delete “image-file-in-usr-lib” lintian override. No longer needed due to
     the /usr/lib to /usr/share migration of most of the files (nor really
     justified anyway).
   * No longer ship bfont.ttf directly since it is a duplicate of Bitstream
     Vera. Ship a symlink to the appopriate font and add a Depends: on the
     ttf-bitstream-vera package. Thanks linda.
   * Modify the handling of the config.* files. They are listed at the top of
     debian/rules and this list should be refreshed for each upstream release.
   * Modify the tweaks for the build of the plugins, using a symlink now.
   * Move the conditional addition (on Linux architectures only) of libdc1394
     to the patch against config/
   * Convert the patch system from dpatch to quilt. As a reminder, they are
      - 02_tmp_in_HOME, by Florian Ernst:
          Create all temporary user data in $HOME/.blender, preventing
          possible security issues (e.g. symlink attacks, see #298167).
      - 04_de_po_fix, by Florian Ernst:
          Little fixes for de.po, by Jens Seidel <jensseidel at>,
          reported to the upstream patch tracker as #7823.
      - 10_gnukfreebsd_support by me:
          Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD in upstream files, see #388349.
      - 20_gcc4.3_support by me:
          Fix FTBFS with GCC 4.3 (Closes: #462116).
      - 50_debian_build_config by me:
          Customize the upstream default Linux configuration. Diffs are
          listed in TODO at the moment, until a dedicated file is added.
   * Modify the handling of config/linux2-config is now
     symlinked at build time from, so that non-Linux
     architectures use it, although the auto-detection doesn't find the
     matching configuration file. The symlink is removed at clean time.
   * Drop no longer needed files:
      - debian/dirs
      - debian/genpot/*
      - debian/misc/
      - debian/pot-header.txt
      - debian/pycompat
   * Adapt the wrapper so that other packages can ship scripts under a
     given directory (/usr/share/blender/scripts/$package) and that those
     scripts are taken into account when blender is started (using the same
     symlink mechanism that was already present for the scripts shipped
     with blender).
   * Update the menu file, providing with better long titles, thanks to
     Bill Allombert (Closes: #445154).
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3 (no change needed).
   * Add Vcs-{Git,Browser} fields, pointing to collab-maint.
   * Remove debian/README.Alioth-CVS accordingly.
   * Remove debian/NEWS: no longer needed, and debian/README contains
     updated information.
   * No longer run “uupdate” in debian/watch.
   * Drop linda overrides, it looks like a outdated and deprecated tool.
   * Remove Florian Ernst from Uploaders upon his request, thanks for
     your taking care of Blender until now!
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