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Fri Feb 15 07:15:30 GMT 2008

 OK: libselinux_2.0.55.orig.tar.gz
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Format: 1.7
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 21:07:49 -0800
Source: libselinux
Binary: selinux-utils selinux-utils-dbg libselinux1 libselinux1-dbg libselinux1-dev python-selinux python-selinux-dbg
Architecture: source
Version: 2.0.55-0ubuntu1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Hardened Developers <ubuntu-hardened at>
Changed-By: Caleb Case <ccase at>
 libselinux1 - SELinux policy enforcement, run-time libraries
 libselinux1-dbg - SELinux policy enforcement, run-time debug library
 libselinux1-dev - SELinux policy enforcement, development files
 python-selinux - Python bindings to SELinux shared libraries
 python-selinux-dbg - Python bindings to SELinux shared libraries (debug extension)
 selinux-utils - SELinux utility programs
 selinux-utils-dbg - SELinux utility programs
 libselinux (2.0.55-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   [ Caleb Case ]
   * New upstream SVN HEAD.
    + Fix for the avc:  granted null message bug from Stephen Smalley.
    + matchpathcon(8) man page update from Dan Walsh.
    + dlopen rather than from Stephen Smalley.
    + Based on a suggestion from Ulrich Drepper, defer regex compilation
      until we have a stem match, by Stephen Smalley.
      A further optimization would be to defer regex compilation until we
      have a complete match of the constant prefix of the regex - TBD.
    + Regenerated Flask headers from policy.
    + AVC enforcing mode override patch from Eamon Walsh.
    + Aligned attributes in AVC netlink code from Eamon Walsh.
    + Merged refactored AVC netlink code from Eamon Walsh.
    + Merged new X label namespaces from Eamon Walsh.
    + Bux fix and minor refactoring in string representation code.
    + Merged selinux_get_callback, avc_open, empty string mapping from
      Eamon Walsh.
    + Fix segfault resulting from missing file_contexts file.
    + Make netlink socket close-on-exec to avoid descriptor leakage from
      Dan Walsh.
    + Pass CFLAGS when using gcc for linking from Dennis Gilmore.
    + Fix selabel option flag setting for 64-bit from Stephen Smalley.
    + Re-map a getxattr return value of 0 to a getfilecon return value of
      -1 with errno EOPNOTSUPP from Stephen Smalley.
    + Fall back to the compat code for security_class_to_string and
      security_av_perm_to_string from Stephen Smalley.
    + Fix swig binding for rpm_execcon from James Athey.
    + Fix file_contexts.homedirs path from Todd Miller.
    + Fix segfault resulting from uninitialized print-callback pointer.
    + Added x_contexts path function patch from Eamon Walsh.
    + Fix build for EMBEDDED=y from Yuichi Nakamura.
    + Fix markup problems in selinux man pages from Dan Walsh.
    + Updated av_permissions.h and flask.h to include new nscd permissions
      from Dan Walsh.
    + Added swigify to top-level Makefile from Dan Walsh.
    + Fix for string_to_security_class segfault on x86_64 from Stephen
    + Fix for getfilecon() for zero-length contexts from Stephen Smalley.
    + Refactored SWIG bindings from James Athey.
    + Labeling and callback interface patches from Eamon Walsh.
    + Class and permission mapping support patches from Eamon Walsh.
    + Object class discovery support patches from Chris PeBenito.
    + Refactoring and errno support in string representation code.
    + Merged patch to reduce size of libselinux and remove need for
      libsepol for embedded systems from Yuichi Nakamura.
      This patch also turns the link-time dependency on libsepol into a
      runtime (dlopen) dependency even in the non-embedded case.
    + Updated Lindent script and reindented two header files.
    + Merged additional swig python bindings from Dan Walsh.
   [ Joseph Jackson IV ]
   * debian/control
     - Update Debian Maintainer field
   [ J. Tang ]
   * debian/etc.selinux.config
     - Moved this configuration file into selinux package.
 208066e1670d1c49c6309251b0693180 889 libs optional libselinux_2.0.55-0ubuntu1.dsc
 a3fbca3c21e8e905a94147a7b370817a 160407 libs optional libselinux_2.0.55.orig.tar.gz
 1fa56e6be6dc43fc56e206b340bfd17d 13877 libs optional libselinux_2.0.55-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Caleb Case <ccase at>

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