Accepted rasmol (source)

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Wed Oct 24 08:51:18 BST 2007

 OK: rasmol_2.7.3.1.orig.tar.gz
 OK: rasmol_2.7.3.1-1.1.diff.gz
 OK: rasmol_2.7.3.1-1.1.dsc
     -> Component: main Section: science

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Wed,  24 Oct 2007 07:35:28 +0100
Source: rasmol
Binary: rasmol, rasmol-doc
Architecture: source
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Teemu Ikonen <tpikonen at>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <archive at>
 rasmol     - Visualize biological macromolecules 
 rasmol ( unstable; urgency=low
   * NMU: Fixed missing man page issue quickly
 rasmol ( unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release (
   * Include GTK GUI patch, now build two executables, rasmol-gtk and
     rasmol-classic. Add a build-dependency to libvte-dev
   * Use the alternatives system for the "rasmol" command. Default
     is rasmol-gtk
   * Include PDF versions of the manual and refcard in rasmol-doc,
     instead of postscript
   [Andreas Tille]
   * Fixed debian/ to check for the package (instead for
     the binary) in the package clause
 fb614235ebee8cba656e3974c611ab49 644 science optional rasmol_2.7.3.1-1.1.dsc
 78f611ca774a3688f440310716d5b527 29463 science optional rasmol_2.7.3.1-1.1.diff.gz
 bf5c8bdbd63bf1aba2aede054008384b 8007176 science optional rasmol_2.7.3.1.orig.tar.gz

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