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Tue Nov 27 15:15:17 GMT 2007

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 15:05:15 +0000
Source: console-setup
Binary: console-setup-amiga-ekmap console-setup-udeb console-setup console-setup-macintoshold-ekmap console-setup-fonts-udeb bdf2psf console-setup-mini console-setup-sun5-ekmap console-setup-pc-ekmap console-setup-sun4-ekmap console-setup-ataritt-ekmap
Architecture: source
Version: 1.19ubuntu1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Installer Team <ubuntu-installer at>
Changed-By: Colin Watson <cjwatson at>
 bdf2psf    - Font converter to generate console fonts from BDF source fonts
 console-setup - Setup the font and the keyboard on the console
 console-setup-amiga-ekmap - Encoded keyboard layouts for amiga keyboards
 console-setup-ataritt-ekmap - Encoded keyboard layouts for ataritt keyboards
 console-setup-fonts-udeb - Console fonts for Debian Installer
 console-setup-macintoshold-ekmap - Encoded keyboard layouts for macintoshold keyboards
 console-setup-mini - An experimental micro version of console-setup package
 console-setup-pc-ekmap - Encoded keyboard layouts for pc keyboards
 console-setup-sun4-ekmap - Encoded keyboard layouts for sun4 keyboards
 console-setup-sun5-ekmap - Encoded keyboard layouts for sun5 keyboards
 console-setup-udeb - Configure the keyboard
Closes: 405005 424665 425773 426082 435285 438395 443709
 console-setup (1.19ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   * Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
     - Use keymapper to generate decision trees for a restricted subset of
       the pc105 model.
     - If the detect-keyboard debconf plugin is available
       (cdebconf-newt-detect-keys in the installer), then offer to use it to
       detect the keyboard layout.
     - Only default to Canadian layout for fr_CA; use U.S. English for other
       *_CA locales.
     - Reset console-setup/toggle to the default if it's set to "No toggling"
       and you select a non-Latin layout.
     - Change the default font from Terminus to VGA where supported.
     - Run kbd_mode on each tty in ACTIVE_CONSOLES rather than on the current
       tty, since the current tty might belong to X and changing X's tty out
       of raw mode is a very bad idea.
     - Automatically save the font and keymap to /etc in
       /etc/init.d/console-setup if it isn't being run from init. Similarly,
       ensure that the font and keymap are saved to /etc during initial
     - Disable workaround in ckbcomp for the kernel not applying Caps Lock to
       non-ASCII letters, except for Turkish layouts; the cure is worse than
       the disease because it makes Caps Lock equivalent to Shift Lock.
     - Set keymap and font in the initramfs if possible.
     - Set default variant for French to oss.
     - Fix handling of commas in layout and variant names.
     - Fix keymap reduction not to try to express keymap A in terms of keymap
       B when B includes keys not mapped by A.
     - debian/config.proto: Set sparc default model to pc105.
     - Remove 'exit 0' from the end of debian/config.proto; this will be
       sourced from the postinst in the installer, and exiting in the
       successful case means that /etc/default/console-setup never gets
     - Set default model to pc105 on powerpc/ps3 systems.
   * Switch back to console-tools-udeb for now; we'd like to use kbd for
     Hardy, but Alpha 1 is looming ...
   * Stop running debconf-updatepo on clean; this is not standard in d-i and
     should be done manually where necessary in Ubuntu.
   * Backport from trunk:
     - Run setupcon with --save in the postinst to ensure that required data
       is copied to /etc.
     - Load the saved keymap in /etc/console-setup/boottime.kmap.gz if
       available rather than running ckbcomp (which is slow), unless we're
       being called with --save or --save-only.
 console-setup (1.19) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Jérémy Bobbio ]
   * Fix additional ellipsis in keyboard-setup initscript. (Closes: #435285)
   [ Otavio Salvador ]
   * Provides keyboard-setup virtual package.
   [ Anton Zinoviev ]
   * ckbcomp: '#' is also a comment character.  Thanks to Matt Kraai,
     closes: #443709.
   [ Debconf templates translations ]
   * German. Closes: #438395
 console-setup (1.18) unstable; urgency=low
   * In d-i environment read the encoding from debian-installer/charset
 console-setup (1.17) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add a manual page for ckbcomp.  Thanks to Vassilis Pandis,
     closes: #405005.
   * Apply a patch by Colin Watson:
     - enable udebs;
     - remove unhelpful defaults for several questions;
     - allow preseeding of console-setup/modelcode,
       console-setup/layoutcode, console-setup/variantcode,
       console-setup/optionscode, and console-setup/fontsize;
     - remove outdated note about loadkeys in console-setup-udeb's
     - Add a few bits of installer integration to console-setup-udeb
       borrowed from kbd-chooser.
     I disabled the code for making UTF-8 default charmap in d-i because
     there are locales which use other charmap.  However I made setupcon to
     always use UTF-8 in d-i environment.
   * Updated French and Dutch translations, new Portuguese.  Thanks to
     Pedro Ribeiro, Jean-Luc Coulon and Bart Cornelis.
     Closes: #424665, #425773, #426082.
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Original-Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot at>
Package-Type: udeb

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