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Sebastian Droege slomo at
Mon Nov 19 17:05:42 GMT 2007

 OK: mono_1.2.5.1.orig.tar.gz
 OK: mono_1.2.5.1-2ubuntu1.diff.gz
 OK: mono_1.2.5.1-2ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: main Section: interpreters

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 17:12:12 +0100
Source: mono
Binary: libmono-peapi1.0-cil libmono-cscompmgd8.0-cil libmono-security2.0-cil libmono-system-runtime2.0-cil libmono-security1.0-cil libmono-relaxng2.0-cil mono-mjs libmono-system-web2.0-cil mono-common libmono-accessibility2.0-cil libmono-bytefx0.7.6.1-cil libmono-system-messaging2.0-cil libmono-system2.0-cil libmono-system-runtime1.0-cil libmono-relaxng1.0-cil libmono-oracle1.0-cil libmono-microsoft7.0-cil libmono-sharpzip0.84-cil mono-gac mono mono-mcs libmono-sqlite1.0-cil libmono-sharpzip0.6-cil libmono-bytefx0.7.6.2-cil libmono-npgsql2.0-cil libmono-data-tds1.0-cil mono-jay libmono-cairo1.0-cil libmono-sharpzip2.6-cil libmono-system1.0-cil libmono-npgsql1.0-cil libmono-system-messaging1.0-cil libmono-accessibility1.0-cil libmono-system-web1.0-cil mono-jit libmono-corlib1.0-cil libmono-microsoft8.0-cil libmono-ldap2.0-cil mono-gmcs libmono2.0-cil libmono1.0-cil mono-jit-dbg mono-devel libmono-system-ldap2.0-cil libmono-peapi2.0-cil libmono-corlib2.0-cil libmono-cairo2.0-cil libmono-sqlite2.0-cil libmono0 libmono-microsoft-build2.0-cil libmono-system-data1.0-cil libmono-dev libmono-system-ldap1.0-cil libmono-sharpzip2.84-cil mono-runtime libmono-winforms1.0-cil libmono-firebirdsql1.7-cil libmono0-dbg mono-utils libmono-cscompmgd7.0-cil libmono-c5-1.0-cil libmono-ldap1.0-cil libmono-data-tds2.0-cil libmono-winforms2.0-cil mono-dbg libmono-system-data2.0-cil libmono-oracle2.0-cil
Architecture: source
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Ubuntu Mono Team <ubuntu-mono at>
Changed-By: Sebastian Dröge <slomo at>
 libmono-accessibility1.0-cil - Mono Accessibility library
 libmono-accessibility2.0-cil - Mono Accessibility library
 libmono-bytefx0.7.6.1-cil - Mono ByteFX.Data library
 libmono-bytefx0.7.6.2-cil - Mono ByteFX.Data library
 libmono-c5-1.0-cil - Mono C5 library
 libmono-cairo1.0-cil - Mono Cairo library
 libmono-cairo2.0-cil - Mono Cairo library
 libmono-corlib1.0-cil - Mono core library (1.0)
 libmono-corlib2.0-cil - Mono core library (2.0)
 libmono-cscompmgd7.0-cil - Mono cscompmgd library
 libmono-cscompmgd8.0-cil - Mono cscompmgd library
 libmono-data-tds1.0-cil - Mono Data library
 libmono-data-tds2.0-cil - Mono Data Library
 libmono-dev - libraries for the Mono JIT - Development files
 libmono-firebirdsql1.7-cil - Mono FirebirdSql library
 libmono-ldap1.0-cil - Mono LDAP library
 libmono-ldap2.0-cil - Mono LDAP library
 libmono-microsoft-build2.0-cil - Mono Microsoft.Build libraries
 libmono-microsoft7.0-cil - Mono Microsoft libraries
 libmono-microsoft8.0-cil - Mono Microsoft libraries
 libmono-npgsql1.0-cil - Mono Npgsql library
 libmono-npgsql2.0-cil - Mono Npgsql library
 libmono-oracle1.0-cil - Mono Oracle library
 libmono-oracle2.0-cil - Mono Oracle library
 libmono-peapi1.0-cil - Mono PEAPI library
 libmono-peapi2.0-cil - Mono PEAPI library
 libmono-relaxng1.0-cil - Mono Relaxng library
 libmono-relaxng2.0-cil - Mono Relaxng library
 libmono-security1.0-cil - Mono Security library
 libmono-security2.0-cil - Mono Security library
 libmono-sharpzip0.6-cil - Mono SharpZipLib library
 libmono-sharpzip0.84-cil - Mono SharpZipLib library
 libmono-sharpzip2.6-cil - Mono SharpZipLib library
 libmono-sharpzip2.84-cil - Mono SharpZipLib library
 libmono-sqlite1.0-cil - Mono Sqlite library
 libmono-sqlite2.0-cil - Mono Sqlite library
 libmono-system-data1.0-cil - Mono System.Data library
 libmono-system-data2.0-cil - Mono System.Data Library
 libmono-system-ldap1.0-cil - Mono System.DirectoryServices library
 libmono-system-ldap2.0-cil - Mono System.DirectoryServices library
 libmono-system-messaging1.0-cil - Mono System.Messaging library
 libmono-system-messaging2.0-cil - Mono System.Messaging Library
 libmono-system-runtime1.0-cil - Mono System.Runtime library
 libmono-system-runtime2.0-cil - Mono System.Runtime Library
 libmono-system-web1.0-cil - Mono System.Web library
 libmono-system-web2.0-cil - Mono System.Web Library
 libmono-system1.0-cil - Mono System libraries (1.0)
 libmono-system2.0-cil - Mono System libraries (2.0)
 libmono-winforms1.0-cil - Mono System.Windows.Forms library
 libmono-winforms2.0-cil - Mono System.Windows.Forms library
 libmono0   - libraries for the Mono JIT
 libmono0-dbg - libraries for the Mono JIT, debugging symbols
 libmono1.0-cil - Mono libraries (1.0)
 libmono2.0-cil - Mono libraries (2.0)
 mono       - Mono CLI (.NET) runtime
 mono-common - common files for Mono
 mono-dbg   - Mono debugging symbols
 mono-devel - Mono CLI runtime with development tools
 mono-gac   - Mono GAC tool
 mono-gmcs  - Mono C# 2.0 compiler
 mono-jay   - LALR(1) parser generator oriented to Java/CLI
 mono-jit   - fast CLI JIT/AOT compiler for Mono
 mono-jit-dbg - fast CLI JIT/AOT compiler for Mono, debugging symbols
 mono-mcs   - Mono C# compiler
 mono-mjs   - Mono JScript compiler
 mono-runtime - Mono runtime
 mono-utils - Mono utilities
Closes: 437452 440850 441795 441879 443468
 mono ( hardy; urgency=low
   [ Emilio Pozuelo Monfort ]
   * Merge with Debian, remaining Ubuntu changes:
     - debian/control:
       + Updated Maintainer Field.
       + Adjust Replaces for Ubuntu versions.
       + Added sparc and lpia to architectures.
       + Build-depend on libgda3-dev instead of libgda2-dev.
     - debian/patches/dont_check_proc_self_exe.dpatch:
       + Comment out code that checks /proc/self/exe so that
         mono will function on the Live CD.
     - debian/rules:
       + Symlink doc directories to avoid duplicate files, and remove the doc
         directories on upgrade for the now symlinked doc directories.
   [ Sebastian Dröge ]
   * debian/control,
     + Remove libgda3-dev build dependency, this only works with gda2 anyway.
       Put the gda2 shlibs into shlibs.local and suggest them for
       libmono-system-data[12].0-cil instead of depending on it.
 mono ( unstable; urgency=high
   * Mirco 'meebey' Bauer:
     + debian/mono.runtime-script:
       - When removing GAC libraries, output the assembly name correctly on
     + debian/patches/fix_BigInteger_overflow_CVE-2007-5197.dpatch:
       - Fixes CVE-2007-5197, thus urgency set to high.
 mono ( unstable; urgency=low
   * Mirco 'meebey' Bauer:
     + New upstream (bugfix) release. (Closes: #443468)
     + debian/System.Windows.Forms.dll.config:
       - Added libX11 and libXcursor.
 mono (1.2.5-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * Mirco 'meebey' Bauer:
     + debian/patches/ppc_fix_mono_class_proxy_vtable_r84948.dpatch:
       - Fixes crash bug on PPC for all applications that use DBus,
         thus setting urgency to high. (Closes: #437452, #441795, #441879)
         (Thanks to Bram Senders <bram at> for testing the patch)
 mono (1.2.5-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Sebastian 'slomo' Dröge:
     + debian/FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird.dll.config,
       - Use libfbclient2 instead of old and to be removed libfbclient1.
         Thanks to Damyan Ivanov <dmn at> for the
         patch (Closes: #440850).
     + debian/changelog:
       - Use urgency=medium because of the RC bugfix.
 mono (1.2.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Mirco 'meebey' Bauer:
     + New upstream release
     + debian/watch:
       - Updated
     + debian/rules:
       - Bumped MONO_API to 1.2.5
     + debian/patches/kfreebsd_support.dpatch
       - Updated (re-autoconfed)
       - Updated
     + debian/patches/ppc_fix_memory_corruption_r81413.dpatch:
       - Removed, already applied upstream.
     + debian/mono-utils.install
       - Removed monodiet as removed by upstream
     + debian/man/resgen.1:
       - Removed, supplied upstream.
     + debian/mono-mcs.manpages:
       - Added monolinker.1
       - Updated resgen.1
     + debian/mono-mcs.manpages
       - Moved mono-mjs.1 manpage to mono-mjs package.
     + debian/control:
       - Added "Replaces" for mono-mjs.1 move to mono-mjs package.
 mono (1.2.4-6ubuntu6) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Explicitely remove the doc directories on upgrade for the now symlinked
     doc directories.
 mono (1.2.4-6ubuntu5) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Symlink doc directories to avoid duplicate files.
 mono (1.2.4-6ubuntu4) gutsy; urgency=low
   * debian/control: Build against libgda3-dev instead of libgda2-dev. The
     latter is obsolete and in universe now.
 mono (1.2.4-6ubuntu3) gutsy; urgency=low
   * No-change upload due to soyuz bug (lpia bootstrap).
 mono (1.2.4-6ubuntu2) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Build packages for the lpia architecture.
 mono (1.2.4-6ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Sync with Debian. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
     + debian/control:
       - Change maintainer to Ubuntu Mono Team.
       - Adjust Replaces for Ubuntu versions.
       - Add sparc again.
     + debian/control,
       - Make sqlite2 only a Suggests instead of a Depends.
     + debian/patches/dont_check_proc_self_exe.dpatch:
       - Comment out code that checks /proc/self/exe so that
         mono will function on the Live CD.
 f487d603b9d98adaf6a969bfae202874 2473 interpreters optional mono_1.2.5.1-2ubuntu1.dsc
 0d983d50c44fd18b9ad0c0c04a1cd426 22419564 interpreters optional mono_1.2.5.1.orig.tar.gz
 0b747fa26499b50d60dd649394ade966 58773 interpreters optional mono_1.2.5.1-2ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Debian Mono Group <pkg-mono-group at>

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