Accepted: boinc 5.10.30-2 (source)

Ubuntu Installer archive at
Fri Dec 21 11:23:45 GMT 2007

 OK: boinc_5.10.30.orig.tar.gz
 OK: boinc_5.10.30-2.diff.gz
 OK: boinc_5.10.30-2.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: net

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Fri,  21 Dec 2007 11:19:25 +0000
Source: boinc
Binary: boinc-dbg, boinc-manager, boinc-dev, boinc-client
Architecture: source
Version: 5.10.30-2
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian BOINC Maintainers <pkg-boinc-devel at>
Changed-By: Marco Rodrigues <gothicx at>
Closes: 456041 456586
 boinc (5.10.30-2) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Frank S. Thomas ]
   * debian/rules: Wrote get-orig-source target which fetches the latest tagged
     BOINC version.
   * debian/patches/:
     - Added 201_missing_headers_for_gcc4.3.patch which adds missing C++
       headers to several source files. This is required to fix a FTBFS with
       recent GCC 4.3 snapshots. Thanks to Martin Michlmayr <tbm at>
       for the bug report. (closes: #456041)
     - Added 101_fix_memory_detection_on_kfreebsd.patch from upstream r14415
       based on a patch by Andrew Deason <adeason2 at> which fixes memory
       detection on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. (closes: #456586)
 b7b61d98a6546908b426770b1945c543 1249 net optional boinc_5.10.30-2.dsc
 95e1a9f2a98ef46d54b4b287724932ed 53402 net optional boinc_5.10.30-2.diff.gz

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