Accepted: seamonkey 1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (source)

Fabien Tassin fta at
Tue Dec 4 12:22:44 GMT 2007

 OK: seamonkey_1.1.6+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
 OK: seamonkey_1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
 OK: seamonkey_1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: net

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 19:27:42 +0100
Source: seamonkey
Binary: mozilla iceape-browser seamonkey-gnome-support mozilla-calendar iceape mozilla-js-debugger iceape-calendar iceape-dom-inspector seamonkey-chatzilla seamonkey-browser seamonkey-mailnews mozilla-psm mozilla-chatzilla seamonkey-dbg mozilla-mailnews seamonkey iceape-dbg iceape-gnome-support mozilla-dom-inspector iceape-dev seamonkey-dev iceape-chatzilla mozilla-browser iceape-mailnews seamonkey-dom-inspector mozilla-dev
Architecture: source
Version: 1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Mozilla Team <ubuntu-mozillateam at>
Changed-By: Fabien Tassin <fta at>
 iceape     - dummy upgrade package for the SeaMonkey Internet Suite
 iceape-browser - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Navigator
 iceape-calendar - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Navigator
 iceape-chatzilla - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Chatzilla IRC client
 iceape-dbg - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Debug package
 iceape-dev - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey SDK
 iceape-dom-inspector - dummy upgrade package for the DOM Inspector for the SeaMonkey Int
 iceape-gnome-support - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Gnome Support
 iceape-mailnews - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups and Address
 mozilla    - dummy upgrade package for the SeaMonkey Internet Suite
 mozilla-browser - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Navigator and Composer
 mozilla-calendar - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Calendar
 mozilla-chatzilla - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Chatzilla IRC client
 mozilla-dev - dummy upgrade package for development file for the SeaMonkey Inte
 mozilla-dom-inspector - dummy upgrade package for the DOM Inspector for the SeaMonkey Int
 mozilla-js-debugger - dummy upgrade package for venkman
 mozilla-mailnews - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups and Address
 mozilla-psm - dummy upgrade package for SeaMonkey Navigator
 seamonkey  - The Seamonkey Internet Suite
 seamonkey-browser - Seamonkey Navigator (Internet browser) and Composer
 seamonkey-chatzilla - Seamonkey Chatzilla IRC client
 seamonkey-dbg - Debugging symbols for the Seamonkey Internet Suite
 seamonkey-dev - Development files for the Seamonkey Internet Suite
 seamonkey-dom-inspector - DOM inspector for the Seamonkey Internet Suite
 seamonkey-gnome-support - Gnome support for the Seamonkey Internet Suite
 seamonkey-mailnews - Seamonkey Mail & Newsgroups and Address Book
 seamonkey (1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   [ Fabien Tassin ]
   * Remove unused patches:
     - drop debian/patches/20_visibility.dpatch,
   * Migrate from dpatch to quilt
     - update debian/control: build-depends on quilt
     - debian/rules: update patching rules
     - drop debian/patches/80_config.dpatch: done by quilt
     - rename and update debian/patches/00list => debian/patches/series
     - rename and update debian/patches/*.dpatch => debian/patches/*.patch
   * Fix unclean distclean leaving dist/ behind
     - update debian/patches/60_distclean.patch
   * Migrate to CDBS
     - update debian/rules and debian/control
   * Revert the Iceape unbranding to Seamonkey
     - drop debian/patches/80_app_name.patch and update
     - update debian/patches/82_prefs.patch and
     - drop iceape's icons:
       - update debian/rules
       - drop debian/extras/iceape* and debian/extras/Throbber*
       - drop debian/extras/license.txt
       - update wording
       - update debian/copyright
     - rename packages to seamonkey-*
       - update debian/control
       - rename debian/iceape-*.{dirs,install,links,postinst,postrm,preinst}
         to debian/seamonkey-*.{dirs,install,links,postinst,postrm,preinst}
       - rename debian/iceape-*.{menu,mime,manpages}
         to debian/seamonkey-*.{menu,mime,manpages}
     - rename and update debian/menu_dir/iceape-*.desktop to
     - rename and update debian/{iceape.cfg,iceaperc,iceape-runner} to
     - update debian/about_debian.js, debian/base.js and debian/homepagereset.js
   * Drop leftovers from calendar
     - drop debian/iceape-calendar.*
     - drop debian/extras/calendar.svg
     - drop debian/menu_dir/iceape-calendar.desktop
     - update debian/control
   * Clean-up
     - drop debian/README.source (no longer useful)
     - drop debian/mozconfig (leftover from previous commit)
   * Drop debian/patches/81_free_art_improvements.patch (was part of
     the unbranding)
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Make seamonkey build at last
     - fix FTBFS with new libnss (since bz399589 landed)
       - add debian/patches/11_bz399589_fix_missing_symbol_with_new_nss.patch
       - update debian/patches/series
     - fix another FTBFS with libnss (caused by bad linking order with libcrmf)
       - add debian/patches/12_fix_ftbfs_with_nss.patch
       - update debian/patches/99_configure.patch
       - update debian/patches/series
     - fix bad syntax for --enable-extensions
       - update debian/rules
     - fix FTBFS with dh_install needing DEB_DH_INSTALL_SOURCEDIR
       - update debian/rules
     - fix install of additionnal searchplugins
       - update debian/rules
     - don't install hicolor icons (we don't have any)
       - update debian/seamonkey-browser.install
   * Install in seamonkey-browser and drop other libnss links
     - update debian/rules and debian/seamonkey-browser.links
   * Fix broken chrome.d files and clean-up install rules
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/seamonkey-browser.{install,dirs}
     - update debian/seamonkey-chatzilla.install
     - update debian/seamonkey-dom-inspector.install
     - update debian/seamonkey-mailnews.install
   * Update bug link and README to point Seamonkey toward Ubuntu
     - update debian/about_debian.js
     - debian/README.Debian
   * Fix FTBFS on amd64 (don't depend on arch indep rules for binary
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/seamonkey-browser.install
     - update debian/seamonkey-chatzilla.install
     - update debian/seamonkey-dom-inspector.install
     - update debian/seamonkey-mailnews.install
   * Update to upstream release 1.1.6 (from 1.1.4)
     - update debian/control
     - Security fixes provided by 1.1.5:
       MFSA 2007-36, MFSA 2007-35, MFSA 2007-34, MFSA 2007-33, MFSA 2007-32,
       MFSA 2007-31, MFSA 2007-30, MFSA 2007-29 and MFSA 2007-28.
   * Update diverged patches:
     - update debian/patches/35_theme_switch.patch
     - debian/patches/38_kbsd.patch
     - debian/patches/68_mips_performance.patch
     - debian/patches/99_configure.patch
   * Update Maintainer to Ubuntu Mozilla Team
     - update debian/control
   * Conflicts/Replaces iceape
     - update debian/control
   * Fix nss links not installed where CDBS would have done it
     - update debian/rules
   * Remove bin-only files from upstream tarball using debian/
     Add a nobinonly target in debian/rules to clean up the current tarball,
     preserve logs in mozilla/REMOVED+nobinonly.txt.
     - rename and update debian/remove.nonfree => debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Fix desktop files to make desktop-file-validate happy
     - update debian/menu_dir/*.desktop
   * Disable all desktop files except seamonkey.desktop, using the icon
     from branding (instead of the old style Mozilla one)
     - update debian/menu_dir/*.desktop
     - update debian/rules
   * Add dummy packages for migration of iceape and mozilla packages:
     mozilla, mozilla-browser, mozilla-dev, mozilla-mailnews, mozilla-chatzilla,
     mozilla-psm, mozilla-dom-inspector, mozilla-js-debugger, mozilla-calendar,
     iceape, iceape-browser, iceape-gnome-support, iceape-dev, iceape-dbg,
     iceape-mailnews, iceape-chatzilla, iceape-calendar and iceape-dom-inspector
     - update debian/control
   * Merge DSP settings from previously installed /etc/iceape/iceaperc or
     /etc/mozilla/mozillarc into /etc/seamonkey/seamonkeyrc
     - update debian/seamonkey-browser.preinst
   * Remove leftovers from iceape packages
     - add debian/iceape-browser.postrm
     - add debian/iceape-browser.preinst
   * Re-install /etc/seamonkey files previously disabled
     - update debian/seamonkey-browser.install
   * Add missing 'upgrade' target to preinst script
     - update debian/iceape-browser.preinst
   * Exclude CVS stuff when doing nobinonly tarballs
     - update debian/rules
   * Fix a recent FTBFS in hardy where gtk+ is no longer bringing
     some X libs in build-deps
     - add debian/patches/13_bz344818_att264996.patch
     - update debian/patches/99_configure.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
 fdcc82d5256589ab82b2d7073cfcb19c 1579 net optional seamonkey_1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.dsc
 d1cafc81aaffc871f0e31baec97025c4 44567210 net optional seamonkey_1.1.6+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
 15db430f50a8f3c55e41c2d7a583d547 140168 net optional seamonkey_1.1.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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