Accepted: avahi 0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2 (source)

Hugues Fournier hugues.fournier at
Thu Jan 17 16:17:02 GMT 2008

 OK: avahi_0.6.20.orig.tar.gz
 OK: avahi_0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2.diff.gz
 OK: avahi_0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2.dsc
     -> Component: main Section: net

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 09:06:30 +0100
Source: avahi
Binary: python-avahi libavahi-client3 avahi-autoipd libavahi-glib-dev libavahi-common-data avahi-utils libavahi-common-dev libavahi-ui0 libavahi-qt3-1 libavahi-glib1 libavahi-qt4-dev libavahi-qt4-1 avahi-dnsconfd avahi-discover libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev libavahi-compat-howl-dev libavahi-common3 libavahi-core-dev libavahi-compat-howl0 libavahi-core5 libavahi-client-dev libavahi-ui-dev libavahi-compat-libdnssd1 libavahi-qt3-dev avahi-daemon
Architecture: source
Version: 0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2
Distribution: gutsy-updates
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss at>
Changed-By: Hugues Fournier <hugues.fournier at>
 avahi-autoipd - Avahi IPv4LL network address configuration daemon
 avahi-daemon - Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
 avahi-discover - Service discover user interface for avahi
 avahi-dnsconfd - Avahi DNS configuration tool
 avahi-utils - Avahi browsing, publishing and discovery utilities
 libavahi-client-dev - Development files for the Avahi client library
 libavahi-client3 - Avahi client library
 libavahi-common-data - Avahi common data files
 libavahi-common-dev - Development files for the Avahi common library
 libavahi-common3 - Avahi common library
 libavahi-compat-howl-dev - Development headers for the Avahi Howl compatibility library
 libavahi-compat-howl0 - Avahi Howl compatibility library
 libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev - Development headers for the Avahi Apple Bonjour compatibility lib
 libavahi-compat-libdnssd1 - Avahi Apple Bonjour compatibility library
 libavahi-core-dev - Development files for Avahi's embeddable mDNS/DNS-SD library
 libavahi-core5 - Avahi's embeddable mDNS/DNS-SD library
 libavahi-glib-dev - Development headers for the Avahi glib integration library
 libavahi-glib1 - Avahi glib integration library
 libavahi-qt3-1 - Avahi Qt3 integration library
 libavahi-qt3-dev - Development headers for the Avahi Qt3 integration library
 libavahi-qt4-1 - Avahi Qt4 integration library
 libavahi-qt4-dev - Development headers for the Avahi Qt4 integration library
 libavahi-ui-dev - Development headers for the Avahi GTK User interface library
 libavahi-ui0 - Avahi GTK User interface library
 python-avahi - Python utility package for Avahi
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 183652
 avahi (0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2) gutsy-updates; urgency=low
   * debian/rules, debian/avahi-daemon.postinst: Revert the startup changes of
     the previous update that may prevent CUPS from starting on some
     configurations (LP: #183652)
 c65d781a36c85dae60d40d0cfba638e4 1701 net optional avahi_0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2.dsc
 186103d14933f083e1155f59df150452 22282 net optional avahi_0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Utopia Maintenance Team <pkg-utopia-maintainers at>

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