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John L. Villalovos john.l.villalovos at
Fri Sep 28 09:25:14 BST 2007

 OK: moblin-chat_0.12.2ubuntu1.tar.gz
 OK: moblin-chat_0.12.2ubuntu1.dsc
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Format: 1.7
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:15:38 +0200
Source: moblin-chat
Binary: moblin-chat
Architecture: source
Version: 0.12.2ubuntu1
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Peter Zhu <peter.j.zhu at>, Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
Changed-By: John L. Villalovos <john.l.villalovos at>
 moblin-chat - High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy
 moblin-chat (0.12.2ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
   [ Daniel Holbach ]
   * debian/control: added Conflicts on libempathy2, libempathy-common,
   * debian/rules: don't install docs, development files.
 moblin-chat (0.12.2) gaston; urgency=low
   [ Peter Zhu ]
   * It's ready to be gaston release
   [ John L. Villalovos ]
   * Removed two of the libraries from the depends: line
   * Backporting most of the changes from when this was initially pushed into
 moblin-chat (0.12.1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
   * Rename all filenames starting with "gossip" by "empathy" and  change
     namespace of all gossip_*() functions to empathy_*()
   * Initial room list
   * Add gtk-doc support
   * Add python binding support
   * Merge 0.12 changes from upstream Empathy
   * Delete some intermediate files and update debian/*
   * Add back hidlonization
   * bug fixes due to backport of hildonization
   * a minor fix
   * relayout of menu and add icon for accounts/personal_info
   * rename to moblin-chat on
   * add two buttons of add/remove
   * rename org.moblin.empathy to
   * fix build error
 moblin-chat (0.11.4) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
   * Add channel filter support and dispatch channel only if user clicks
     flashing icon
   * Remove per-state "Custom message..." and add one at the bottom of menu
   * Update profile file to use SupportedPresences field
   * Add hidden support
   * Add EMPATHY_LOGFILE env variable
   * Bump MC minimal version to be 4.33
   * Remove workaround due to mc-enum-types.h not installed. It has been
     installed since MC4.33.
   * minor fix
 moblin-chat (0.11.3) gaston; urgency=low
   * Ready to be gaston release
   * Install libempathy and libempathy-gtk and get their API public
   * Use libtool --version-info
   * Remove empathy-marshal-main.c and include empathy-marshal.h in
   * Generate files for enum types with glib-mkenums.
   * Use g_param_spec_enum() and g_param_spec_flags() instead of
   * Remove empathy_contact_list_store_sort_get_type() as it's now
     auto-generated by glib-mkenums
   * Do not list profiles that don't have the corresponding CM installed when
     creating a new account
   * Edit menu is now upper on Room menu
   * Only update the topic of it has really be changed, avoid diplaying many
     times "Topic set to:" message
   * Log offline message
   * small fixes to configure
   * fix build error
 57b0d738b2d923777ac63c097a7b4a9e 1134 gnome optional moblin-chat_0.12.2ubuntu1.dsc
 4d3d6aa86cf3d66844fb6ed4a52c655e 1218057 gnome optional moblin-chat_0.12.2ubuntu1.tar.gz
Original-Maintainer: Telepathy Maintaince Team <pkg-telepathy-maintainers at>

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