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Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Tue Sep 18 22:00:22 BST 2007

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 17:36:43 +0200
Source: fai
Binary: fai-client fai-server fai-doc fai-quickstart fai-nfsroot
Architecture: source
Version: 3.2.1-0ubuntu1
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
Changed-By: Reinhard Tartler <siretart at>
 fai-client - Fully Automatic Installation client package
 fai-doc    - Documentation for FAI
 fai-nfsroot - Fully Automatic Installation nfsroot package
 fai-quickstart - Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
 fai-server - Fully Automatic Installation server package
Closes: 290371 309678 329984 342467 342477 356380 359323 360184 361559 380085 380337 387541 390508 390508 391659 391660 392038 401041 408247 408271 410940 415875 415880 416381 416531 416616 422225 424608 424848 425699 425725 426093 428857 428858 428859 428860 429553 429553 429554 429733 430000 430127 430798 431283 431431 431613 432681 435098 441437 441988 441991 441992 442021
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 69862 89026 93876 137511 139637
 fai (3.2.1-0ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Sync New Upstream Version to ubuntu.
     - Exception Request granted in LP: #139637
     - Problems with update-initramfs fixed: LP: #137511
     - fai-setup works now LP: #89026
     - static ip problem fixed ages ago: LP: #69862
     - fix dependency breakage: LP: #93876
   * Upload to ubuntu with some small changes:
   * Turn the package from native to non-native, the orig tarball is identical
     to the tarball in debian.
   * bin/fai: check if /proc is mounted in the nfsroot. if it isn't mount it
   * conf/NFSROOT: deinstall upstart, use sysvinit instead
   * conf/NFSROOT: install linux-image-generic as kernel image. This is
     thankfully consistent on all ubuntu architectures. We can drop
     unionsfs modules as well, since we have them in the kernel package.
   * conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf: use for bootstrap
   * conf/sources.list: use as sources.
   * conf/sources.list: use fai-team's PPA for live-initramfs packages
 fai (3.2.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * mount swap partitions with identical priorities
   * fai-mirror: also match lowercase class names (for hostsnames),
     use $cfdir instead of fixed path /etc/fai
   * subroutines-linux: add timeout to nc call
   * subroutines: change message for faimond in task_faiend()
   * control: readd libapt-pkg-perl to depends, nfs-server (user space)
     does not support locking, so FAI cannot use it, remove wget, add arch
     to mknbi
   * get-config-dir-svn: add svn+ssh support
   * QUESTIONNAIRE: add USB stick, split bootb and dhcp
   * faimond, faimond.8: use Proc::Daemon, add options tTldP
   * faimond: do not allow ; in message (security), do not print ip and
     port number
   * make-fai-nfsroot: add option -U, do not divert update-initramfs (added
     because of a Ubuntu bug), activate -U if Ubuntu is detected
     determine the arch inside the nfsroot for defining a class, this help
     building amd64 nfsroots on i386 and vice versa,
     add support for running hooks, (closes: #342467)
   * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: add variable NFSROOT_HOOKS
   * make-fai-nfsroot.9: add info about NFSROOT_HOOKS
   * fai-mirror.8, make-fai-nfsroot.8: enhance/add info of -C, add info
     about variable FAI_ETC_DIR
   * packages_config/DEFAULT: fix typos in linux-image-amd64
   * fai-chboot,fai-chboot.8: add option -C and support for $FAI_ETC_DIR
   * savelog.LAST.source: add ignore pattern
   * packages_config/FAIBASE: add fai-client
   * fai-do-scripts: exit with maximum error code of all child scripts that
     had an error
   * fai: change message when stamp file already exists (closes: #441437)
   * fai-cd: remove arch specific path
   * fai-cd.8: add info about USB stick (closes: #441988),
     improve man page (closes: #441991)
   * new get-config-dir-git: add method git for access (closes: #441992)
   * examples/etc/dhcpd.conf: fix path
   * faimond-gui: new tool that produces graphical output of faimond
   * faimond-gui.8: new man page
   * get-config-dir-svn: fix svn+ssh with username (Closes: #442021)
   * fai-guide.sgml: add info about NFSROOT_HOOKS
 fai (3.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * subroutines-linux: fix extra slash in path (closes: #428860),
     jobsrunning(): ignore rcS process (closes: #425725)
     during dirinstall call debootstrap if no base.tgz is found
   * setup_harddisks: fix file system type of /proc
   * fai.conf: make ssh and scp the default (closes: #309678, #380085)
   * fai-guide.sgml:
     major update to reflect FAI 3.X changes (closes: #390508),
     fix description of classes used (closes: #329984),
     change /usr/share/doc/fai to /usr/share/doc/fai-doc (closes: #387541),
     fix an url, add documentation for dirinstall (closes: #390508),
     document usage of basefiles/ (closes: #391660),
     document the order hooks are called (closes: #380337)
   * get-config-dir-svn: add support for svn url's without username
     (closes: #415875)
   * subroutines: copy only if available (closes: #415880),
     fix wrong path for FAI_CLASSES
   * savelog.LAST.source: add more patterns
   * faimond: add options -p, -h, -b,
     it can now call fai-boot (closes: #342477, #424608)
   * faimond.1: update man pages to reflect the new options
   * fai-savelog: use $LOGREMOTEDIR when saving to remote
     (closes: #290371), do not set $HOSTNAME, should be set all the time
     (closes: #429553, #429733)
   * make-fai-nfsroot: add option -p (closes: #359323), move from
     fai-kernels to plain Debian kernel using initrd (closes: #410940),
     remove unused things since we have now write access to the nfsroot,
     use mkdir -p, live-initramfs needs NFSROOT in .../live/filesystem.dir,
     move creating of subdirs from make-fai-nfsroot to fai (from server to
     client), do not create shell script in make-fai-nfsroot,
     remove -V, use aptitude to remove the kernels from the nfsroot, -k now
     reinstalls all packages from /etc/fai/NFSROOT (closes: #431613),
     update-initramfs symlinks to /bin/true during diversion
   * make-fai-nfsroot.conf:
     remove the variable KERNELPACKAGE (closes: #416531, #435098)
   * make-fai-nfsroot.8: remove -V, new description for -K and -k
   * fcopy: set mode on file even no file was copied (closes: #360184),
     check error code of preinst and postinst scripts (closes: #432681),
     add quotes to variable (closes: #430127), skip comment lines in
   * fai-chboot: $NFSROOT is defined in new location (closes: #408247),
     add initrd support, add option -s (closes: #356380), remove nfs
     options from append line
   * fai-chboot.8: ROOTFS parameter is not needed any more, add option -s
   * device2grub: fix pattern to support /dev/cciss and /dev/ida devices
     (closes: #416381)
   * conf/NFSROOT: add packages needed for new fai-cd technique, add plain
     debian kernel package, add ext2resize, hwinfo and change arch specific
     move packages cfengine2 and libapt-pkg-perl from control to NFSROOT
   * control: change dependencies from tetex to tetex or texlive, replace
     Recommends of rsh-server with ssh (closes: #426093), add aptitude for
     fai-server as Suggests, remove fai-kernels, add field XS-Vcs-Browser,
     syslinux is only available on two architectures, do not depend on
     cfengine (v1), since it does not exists any more
   * fai: do not remount / read only, do not call create_ramdisk, now we
     use unionfs, remove HOST variable, only use HOSTNAME now, use mkdir
     -p, export $action for 20hwdetect.source, call save_dmesg only during
     initial installation, during dirinstall set
     LOGDIR=/var/log/fai/dirinstall/$HOSTNAME (closes: #429553)
     define FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP, FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPT for dirinstall
     create syslog.conf before starting the syslog daemon
     when doing dirinstall -c or -N must be specified (closes: #429554)
     the local hard disks are now mounted to /target instead of /tmp/target
   * move from mkinitrd-cd to live-initramfs to create a CD, use plain
     Debian kernel
   * menu.lst: remove unneeded options, add boot=live for new initrd,
     remove root (cd), fix setting of hostname, instead of using ip=, we
     now use hostname=
   * create_resolv_conf: fix path, since we can now write on the whole
   * fai-cd: use plain Debian kernel with initrd and live-initramfs for
     booting (closes: #401041),
     add option -f, force removal of an existing ISO image
     add option -k, this is for debugging
     add option -n, do not create ISO image
     add option -u, copy fai-cd data to a directory (USB support)
     use $NFSROOT/live/filesystem.dir
   * disk-info: do not include removable devices into list of disks
   * fai-class: remove HOST variable, only use HOSTNAME now
     do not set HOSTNAME from uname (closes: #431283)
   * multiple files: add some patches fixing english text
     (closes: #428857, #428858)
   * 20-removable_media: fix path for floppy mount point (closes: #428859)
   * fai.8: add option -u, --hostname (closes: #361559)
   * add variable TFTPROOT (closes: #408271, #431431)
   * fai-mirror:
     use $NFSROOT/live/filesystem.dir
     do not ask questions, add unauthenticated packages to the mirror
   * 20hwdetect.source: do not execute 20hwdetect.source during dirinstall
   * debconf/FAIBASE: autodetect most xorg parameters, (but not resolution)
   * install_packages: add option -N, change option -t to -n,
     add patch that AptPkg module is only used when
     available and target system is Debian (closes: #422225), move code to
     check_aptpkg(), add smart package manager support (closes: #430798)
     do execute Debian specific commands only when needed (closes: #392038),
     grab error codes when executing commands,
     exit with 3 when errors occured, add option -H (closes: #391659),
     put suffix -internal to all internal commands,
     remove -n from tasksel calls
     print path once, then only config file names, not always full path
   * install_packages.8: add option -N and -H, change option -t to -n,
     add option -p (closes: #424848)
   * create_ramdisk: replaced by unionfs
   * fai-do-scripts: remove -k from cfagent call (closes: #425699),
     add new strings for shell scripts (closes: #416616)
   **: do not manage $TFTPROOT (closes: #430000)
   * package_config: move linux-image package from FAIBASE to DEFAULT, add
     kernel name for architecture
   * ainsl: escape + in pattern
   * make S01fai-abort an init.d script
 07bc34bd1f09fdb11f845d048d864f04 851 admin extra fai_3.2.1-0ubuntu1.dsc
 5482c5a6c82d38b2c4637acd163c465c 229055 admin extra fai_3.2.1.orig.tar.gz
 b1357d7f2babaf692da19364f884bc3f 2094 admin extra fai_3.2.1-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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