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Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Tue Oct 2 22:45:36 BST 2007

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 21:31:28 +0200
Source: cryptsetup
Binary: cryptsetup cryptsetup-udeb
Architecture: source
Version: 2:1.0.5-2ubuntu1
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
Changed-By: Reinhard Tartler <siretart at>
 cryptsetup - configures encrypted block devices
 cryptsetup-udeb - configures encrypted block devices
Closes: 401766 409775 411784 418450 421693 436434 438169 438198 438450 438473 441428
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 73862 144390 144390
 cryptsetup (2:1.0.5-2ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Merge new debian version. Remaining changes:
     - cryptsetup is linked dynamically against libgcrypt and libgpg-error.
       This will break systems where /usr is a separate encrypted filesystem
       but not have other bad consequences (in particular, systems with
       encrypted root are still fine).  The upsides include better
       security supportability and smaller packages.
     - et al removed from the binary packages.  They have
       no stable ABI and are not suitable for use by other packages, and
       were in violation of library policies etc.  They're not needed since
       the cryptsetup executable statically contains the relevant parts of
     - cryptdisks.functions: remove #!/bin/bash as it isn't a script
       by itself; it's only sourced by other scripts.  This gets rid
       of the lintian warning `script-not-executable' for this file.
     - stop usplash on user input. LP #62751
     - Always output and read from the console. LP #58794.
     - Add XSBC-Vcs-Bzr tag to indicate that this package is managed using
       bzr on launchpad.
     - Bump libgcrypt11 build-dependency again to 1.2.4-2ubuntu2 to eliminate
       libnsl linkage;
     - debian/initramfs/cryptroot-hook: (LP: #73862)
       Added patch to install aes optimized cypher module
     - try to load optimized cypher module in cryptsetup.functions as well,
       because cryptroot-hook is only executed when we really have a
     - apply patch from pitti for allowing UUIDs in /etc/crypttab.
       This allowes crypted PVs! LP: #144390.
     - remove README.ubuntu, since it contains old and obsolete information.
 cryptsetup (2:1.0.5-2) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Jonas Meurer ]
   * Add libselinux1-dev and libsepol1-dev to build-depends. Detected by
     the build daemon from hell by Steinar H. Gunderson. Thanks to Manoj
     Srivastava for advice.
   * Fix the watchfile
   * Fix cryptopensc-hook to honor key=none. Thanks to Daniel Baumann
     (closes: #436434)
   * Remove outdated README.html and example usbcrypto.* scripts from
     documentation. Add example usbcrypto.udev script. Thanks to Volker Sauer
     for the update. (closes: #409775)
   * Document that stdin is read different with '--key-file=-' than without.
     Thanks to Marc Haber. (closes: #418450)
   * Document that --timeout is useless in conjunction with --key-file. Thanks
     Alexander Zangerl. (closes: #421693)
   * [03_check_for_root.dpatch] Check for UID == 0 before actually doing
     something. Thanks to Benjamin Seidenberg. (closes: #401766)
   * [04_fix_unused_or_unitialized_variables.dpatch] Fix some gcc warnings
     about unused or unitialized variables. Thanks to Ludwig Nussel for the
   * [05_segfault_at_nonexisting_device.dpatch] Fix segfault when trying to
     open a non existing device. Thanks to Ludwig Nussel for the patch.
     (closes: #438198)
   * Add CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" before ./configure invocation in debian/rules.
     This way CFLAGS are passed to the configure script. Thanks to Gordon
     Farquharson for the patch. (closes: #438450)
   * Add a warning about missing hash option in crypttab to initramfs
     cryptoroot hook. Thanks to Sebastian Leske for the patch.
     (closes: #438169)
   * Add support for openct using data objects on a smartcard as key. Thanks to
     Daniel Baumann <baumann at> for patch and documentation.
     (closes: #438473)
   * Polish opensc_decrypt and openct_decrypt.
   * Add initramfs patch by maximilian attems. Bump depends on initramfs-tools
     to (>= 0.91). (closes: #441428)
   * several cleanups to make lintian happy:
     - remove #!/bin/sh from cryptsetup.functions as it is not executable.
     - remove unused-override configure-generated-file-in-source config.log.
     - add some hyphen fixes to patches/02_manpage.dpatch
   * Filter out the detection of filesystem type 'minix' in checks vol_id and
     un_vol_id if checking for any valid filesystem. The minix fs signature
     seems short enough to be detected erroneously by /lib/udev/vol_id.
     Thanks to Fredrik Olofsson and arno for the bugreport. (closes: #411784)
   * Add Homepage field to debian/control.
 cryptsetup (2:1.0.5-1ubuntu5) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
   * apply patch from pitti for allowing UUIDs in /etc/crypttab.
     This allowes crypted PVs! LP: #144390.
   * remove README.ubuntu, since it contains old and obsolete information.
 5de2457ba5627010642307d3fb4fe8e8 1050 admin optional cryptsetup_1.0.5-2ubuntu1.dsc
 20415851f1ebaf0cdd995c15b720c8f4 47107 admin optional cryptsetup_1.0.5-2ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Debian Cryptsetup Team <pkg-cryptsetup-devel at>
Package-Type: udeb

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