Accepted td2planet 0.1.0-1 (source)

Ubuntu Installer archive at
Fri Jun 1 09:00:47 BST 2007

td2planet 0.1.0-1 was ACCEPTED.
	Component: universe Section: web

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Thu,  31 May 2007 15:09:10 +0100
Source: td2planet
Binary: td2planet
Architecture: source
Version: 0.1.0-1
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Yukiharu YABUKI <yabuki at>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <archive at>
 td2planet  - This is a planet implementation of ruby, mainly for tDiary
Closes: 425347
 td2planet (0.1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Initial release (Closes: #425347). 
 354471c398a4f3c5d30eac1e69bdc869 630 web extra td2planet_0.1.0-1.dsc
 b0da1e5dfc47bd285ec9a0cd7e6723ea 28245 web extra td2planet_0.1.0.orig.tar.gz
 e5e0370d1f13bcbbc2ad8111adfddb19 2954 web extra td2planet_0.1.0-1.diff.gz

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