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Aron Sisak aron at
Mon Aug 27 17:45:14 BST 2007

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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 17:23:08 +0200
Source: deskbar-applet
Binary: deskbar-applet-dbg deskbar-applet
Architecture: source
Version: 2.19.91-0ubuntu1
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss at>
Changed-By: Aron Sisak <aron at>
 deskbar-applet - keyword-driven navigational bar for GNOME
 deskbar-applet-dbg - keyword-driven navigational bar for GNOME (python debug build)
 deskbar-applet (2.19.91-0ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
   * New upstream version:
     - Resolved some displaying issues with OpenFileAction,
       OpenWithApplicationAction and SendFileViaEmailAction actions
     - Added GoToLocationAction.
     - Added Factory to easily get actions for given file.
     - Refactored beagle-live module.
     - Fixed bug #466541: deskbar-applet crashed with AttributeError in
     - Fixed: Disabled modules get still queried and return results
     - Select last match when up is pressed in entry.
     - Select entry on CuemiacTreeView's "pressed-up-at-top" and
       "pressed-down-at-bottom" signals.
     - Only restore small window if it has been saved before.
     - Removed "show_history" from GConf schema.
     - Removed obsolote code to show/hide history
     - Fixed: Missing transparency
     - Fixed: Doesn't close window after history action has been selected
     - Fixed: Navigation issues if one or more categories where collapsed
     - Fixed bug #413097: wierd text-string in deskbar-applet
     - Fixed: Execute actions twice
     - Fixed: GtkBookmarkMatch throws exception
     - Removed 'handlersdir' from deskbar-applet.pc and added 'modulesdir'
     - Implemented is_valid method properly and checking is_valid before
       restoring history and activating an action
     - Fixed bug #467825: Beagle VS Beagle-Live plugin
     - Display windows always in the middle of the screen
     - Removed storing/setting window position.
     - Removed galeon handler because galeon isn't maintained anymore
     - Changed default value from "clear_entry" to TRUE in GConf
     - Set More button sensitive when callback (module's show_config method) is
       callable and don't depend on value of INSTRUCTIONS attribute
     - Removed config dialog of beagle-live handler
     - Clear list of matches and actions not until first new match arrives
     - Fixed: Match is labeled wrong if match has 2 actions
     - Install bug buddy exception hook. Removed dialog that displays stack
       trace. If an exception is raised in a module only bring up bug buddy if
       its filename is contained in a whitelist. That way we want to prevent that
       exceptions in 3rd-party handlers land in bugzilla.
     - Display "Choose action" after history item has been selected and history
       has been cleared.
     - Clear entry, matches and actions list if "clear_entry" is True. Otherwise,
       navigation in the TreeView is still possible and would cause trouble.
     - Changed icon of button to clear history to gtk.STOCK_CLEAR
     - Changed icon for GnomeDictHandler to 'accessories-dictionary' because
       gdict isn't included in gnome-icon-theme anymore.
     - Changed icon of RecentHandler to 'document-open-recent'
     - Changed icon of email category to 'emblem-mail'
     - Fixed bug #468452: History widget size. Only the first line of text will
       be displayed in the history combobox.
     - Added new epiphany-history icon
     - Changed default icon for category history to "document-open-recent"
     - Added web-search icon
     - Changed icon of MozillaSearchHandler, EpiphanySearchHandler and websearch
       category to web-search
     - Fixed bug #468813: Yahoo Extension Icon
     - Fixed: When moving modules with buttons the view didn't follow the
       selected module
     - Fixed: Exception when using epiphany handler
     - Removed description that matches can be activated with Alt+LETTER, because
       this feature isn't available anymore.
     - Add "Back to Matches" button under the list of actions.
     - Make the '>' beneath matches that have more than one action clickable to
       go the list of actions. This replaces that you have to press ctrl while
       clicking on a match to display its actions.
     - Updated Translations:
       - Brazilian Portuguese
       - Canadian English
       - Estonian
       - Finnish
       - Gujarati
       - Hungarian
       - Japanese
       - Korean
       - Lithuanian
       - Polish
       - Portuguese
       - Macedonian
       - Spanish
       - Swedish
       - Thai
   * debian/patches/80-intltoolize.patch:
     - dropped as not needed ('intltoolize --force' does not change anything)
   * debian/patches/90_aclocal+autoconf+automake.patch:
     - updated via automagic
 d8f545a0f8192fc25642d40e786c02a5 1178 gnome optional deskbar-applet_2.19.91-0ubuntu1.dsc
 ea9d8cc3460df55c474c74cfa0774230 1047155 gnome optional deskbar-applet_2.19.91.orig.tar.gz
 8bcafdcbaa479dbc078a75ef7f93d42e 17720 gnome optional deskbar-applet_2.19.91-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Sebastian Rittau <srittau at>

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