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Aron Sisak aron at
Thu Aug 9 22:25:18 BST 2007

 OK: deskbar-applet_2.19.6.1.orig.tar.gz
 OK: deskbar-applet_2.19.6.1-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
 OK: deskbar-applet_2.19.6.1-0ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: main Section: gnome

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 17:00:18 +0200
Source: deskbar-applet
Binary: deskbar-applet-dbg deskbar-applet
Architecture: source
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss at>
Changed-By: Aron Sisak <aron at>
 deskbar-applet - keyword-driven navigational bar for GNOME
 deskbar-applet-dbg - keyword-driven navigational bar for GNOME (python debug build)
 deskbar-applet ( gutsy; urgency=low
   * New upstream release (
     - Fixed bug #463974: 2.19.6 evolution handler does not build
     - Updated Translations: Gujarati, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
   * New upstream release (2.19.6):
     - Added actions
     - Fixed bug #461627: Change the amount of items in history
     - Always show count in category header
     - Fixed evolution address book search with evo-ldap
     - Removed obsolete definitions from GConf and preferences and added
       new controls to preferences for previously unsupported options
     - Set process name to deskbar-applet
     - Cell containing the icon of a match doesn't expand anymore
     - Print tracebacks if module failed to load
     - Renamed to
     - Made sure that all icons are included in gnome-icon-theme
     - Added default icons for each category
     - Show window always in the foreground if triggered
     - Adjusted schema file so that intltool-merge works fast
     - Fixed: Pressing icon in panel didn't raise window
     - Don't show matches from a previous search if entry has been cleared by
       hand (i.e. not by hitting escape)
     - Fixed errors in epiphany and gdmactions module (Insted of printing error
       set INSTRUCION attribute)
     - Fixed bugs in (fixes bug #438080)
     - Added: Check for duplicates
     - Make return value of get_hash() hashable for all modules
     - Only paste selection if keybinding has been activated
     - Each category has its own default icon
     - Fixed bug #456969: Desklicious plugin uses non-existent deskbar.Utils
     - Fixed bug #456968: Find /usr/lib*/firefox*/searchplugins
     - Fixed bug #456971: desklicious plugin improperly passess category to
     - Fixed bug #457133: DeliciousMatch has no 'name' and only default icon
     - Fixed bug #445145: Deskbar doesn't show up localized in the applet list
     - Fixed bug #456417: Poorly written schema descriptions
     - Updated Translations: Basque, Bengali, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French,
       German, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese
   * New upstream release (2.19.5):
     - Major refactoring including a new GUI and Modules API.
     - Old modules won't work with this version
     - This release should contain almost all the features that Deskbar had
       before refactoring
   * debian/patches/01_fix_python_interpreter.patch:
     - updated
   * debian/patches/01_fix_pythonlib.patch:
     - dropped as not needed any more
   * debian/patches/01_gpm_methods_naming_update.patch:
     - updated
   * debian/patches/80-intltoolize.patch
     - updated via 'intltoolize --force'
   * debian/patches/90_aclocal+autoconf+automake.patch:
     - updated via automagic
 ab4548684bf9079616e376e753df1ea8 1181 gnome optional deskbar-applet_2.19.6.1-0ubuntu1.dsc
 7efbf8fd89742e85b3063aefa31609d9 1004351 gnome optional deskbar-applet_2.19.6.1.orig.tar.gz
 4e3a6eba1b48440d14540ac8747c40b8 43286 gnome optional deskbar-applet_2.19.6.1-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Sebastian Rittau <srittau at>

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