[ubuntu/groovy-proposed] bsdmainutils 12.1.1 (Accepted)

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Sat Jun 20 10:47:57 UTC 2020

bsdmainutils (12.1.1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Josh Triplett ]
  * Remove unexpanded '$Id$' tokens, unused since the transition to git
  * Split the "calendar" program and associated cron job into a separate
    "calendar" package. (Closes: #946384)

  [ Michael Meskes ]
  * Follow BSD and remove colcrt, it is only useful on very old terminals
  * Update to latest FreeBSD/OpenBSD versions.
  * Remove col, colrm, column, hexdump, and ul so they can be provided by the
    util-linux source package.
    (Closes: #175371, #602477, #613329, #885539, #893497, #905742, #908975,
     #922103, #955183, #961301)
  * Revert to pre-compiled Judaic calendars for the time being.
    (Closes: #925912, #936244)
  * Allow look to read big files.
    Thanks to Tomaž Šolc <tomaz.solc at tablix.org> (Closes: #893033)
  * Apply Andreas Henriksson's patch to convert calendarJudaic.py to python3,
    it cannot be used with python3-hdate removed, though.
  * Fix calendar manpage.
    Thanks to Bjarni Ingi Gislason <bjarniig at rhi.hi.is> (Closes: #899339)
  * Use the correct locale property for month name.
    Thanks to sergio <sergio+it at outerface.net> (Closes: #924668, #943757)
  * Updated Thai holidays in holiday calendar.
    Thanks to Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <theppitak at gmail.com> (Closes: #934804)

Date: 2020-06-19 16:27:42.522195+00:00
Signed-By: Gianfranco Costamagna <costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it>
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