[ubuntu/groovy-proposed] ddclient 3.9.1-5 (Accepted)

Angel Abad angelabad at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 07:32:56 UTC 2020

ddclient (3.9.1-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Add line continuations to /etc/ddclient.conf
  * Update Japanese debconf translation.
    Thanks to Takuma Yamada (Closes: #815388)
  * Update Portuguese debconf translation.
    Thanks to Rui Branco (Closes: #871402)
  * Add new device built-ins (`fw=<device>`)
    Thanks to Geoff Simmons (Closes: #589980)
  * Fix `usev6` processing (Closes: #832395, #832396)
  * debian/control: Set `Rules-Requires-Root: no`

Date: 2020-07-31 10:27:06.319034+00:00
Changed-By: Richard Hansen <rhansen at rhansen.org>
Signed-By: Angel Abad <angelabad at gmail.com>
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