[ubuntu/groovy-proposed] libsoup2.4 2.71.0-1 (Accepted)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 20 10:28:49 UTC 2020

libsoup2.4 (2.71.0-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  [ Simon McVittie ]
  * d/shlibs.local: Generate lockstep dependencies between binary packages.
    Upstream developers are not going to support mixing binary packages
    of different versions from the same source package, and neither should
    we; they all migrate to testing as a unit anyway.
  * Don't override libexecdir to libexec.
    This is the default now.

  [ Sebastien Bacher ]
  * New upstream release
  * debian/libsoup2.4-1.symbols:
    - refreshed the list of sumbols for the new version
  * d/p/test-utils-Clarify-meaning-of-an-environment-variable.patch:
    - removed, the fix is included in the new version

Date: 2020-08-19 16:27:49.084659+00:00
Signed-By: Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at ubuntu.com>
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