[ubuntu/groovy-proposed] grantlee5 5.2.0-2 (Accepted)

Rik Mills rik.mills88 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 23:30:17 UTC 2020

grantlee5 (5.2.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Upload to unstable.
  * Add hppa as architecture where the tests can fail (the QML engine seems
    broken there too).
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.0, no changes required.
  * Add Rules-Requires-Root: no.
  * Bump the debhelper compatibility to 13:
    - switch the debhelper-compat build dependency to 13
    - stop passing --fail-missing to dh_install, as it is the default now
  * Small changes to copyright.

Date: 2020-08-16 22:29:18.567979+00:00
Signed-By: Rik Mills <rik.mills88 at gmail.com>
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