[ubuntu/groovy-proposed] libaqbanking 6.1.3-1 (Accepted)

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Mon Apr 27 13:31:37 UTC 2020

libaqbanking (6.1.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version 6.1.3.
  * debian/salsa-ci.yml: No longer set RELEASE to 'experimental'.
  * debian/rules: Enable Paypal backend (Closes: #950500).
  * debian/watch: Fix regex to match stable releases too.
  * debian/control: Bump standards version to 4.5.0 (no changes needed).
  * Migrate manpage generation from asciidoc to asciidoctor.
  * Update aqhbci-tool4.1 manpage (Closes: #954342).
  * debian/libaqbanking44.symbols: Add new symbols.
  * Switch from debhelper 9 to debhelper 12.
  * debian/upstream: Add upstream's signing key. Unfortunately I haven't found
    a way yet to use it in debian/watch.

Date: 2020-03-22 04:35:00.187736+00:00
Changed-By: Micha Lenk <micha at debian.org>
Signed-By: Gianfranco Costamagna <costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it>
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