Firmware Test Suite 17.05.00 is released

ivanhu at
Thu May 25 01:48:24 UTC 2017

FWTS 17.05.00 is released.

It is available from:



Release notes:

= New Features =

   * Support SMBIOS 3.1.1 tests
   * dmi: dmicheck: check new offset in spec 3.11
   * dmi: dmicheck: check reserved bits of Type 7 offset 0x5
   * dmi: dmicheck: check reserved bits of Type 7 offset 0xd
   * dmi: dmicheck: add a function to verify reserved bits
   * dmi: dmicheck: add a helper function to check word min/max value
   * dmi: dmicheck: check pci(e) slot and segment, bus and dev/func
   * dmi: dmicheck: check reserved bits of offset 0x5 in type 13
   * dmi: dmicheck: add a helper function to check a reserved offset
   * dmi: dmicheck: check reserved bits in type 15 & type 17
   * dmi: dmicheck: check reserved fields in type 22, 23, 30, 32, 38 and 39
   * dmi: dmicheck: add 64-bit integer to dmi_reserved_bits_check
   * dmi: dmicheck: add checks for new type 43
   * dmi: dmicheck: check reserved bits in Type 0
   * fwts/opal: Power management DT Validation tests.
   * fwts/opal: Reserved memory DT validation tests.
   * Add snapcraft rules to build a fwts snap

= Fixed Bugs =

   * acpi: method: make _PTS & _WAK optional
   * dmi: dmicheck: add type 9 to dmi_used_by_kernel_table
   * dmi: dmicheck: fix a typo in a type 15's error message
   * klog.json: remove unnecessary comma and trailing spaces
   * klog.json: add an ACPI warning message "SysmtemMemory conflicts
   * acpi: method: check _WAK & _PTS for supported sleep states only
   * dmi: dmicheck: type 22 offset 9 is an enum from 1 to 8
   * lib: fwts_pm_method: clean up formatting and remove extraneous log 
   * acpi: gpedump: fix spelling mistake
   * acpica: add some extra run time verification to FACP (FADT)
   * lib: fwts_acpi_tables: Add extra fix-up for FACS and DSDT table 
   * acpi: wmi: add and re-order WMI GUIDs
   * lib: fwts_pipeio: fix incorrect size of command being passed
   * lib: fwts_summary: move statement into previous if block
   * lib: fwts_stringextras: free original string on failed realloc
   * compiler: fwts_iasl_interface: free original string on failed realloc
   * uefi: uefidump: free original string on failed realloc
   * kernelscan: ensure parse_kernel_message returns PARSER_OK
   * lib: fwts_gpe: free original gpe buffer on failed realloc
   * lib: fwts_cpu: The string "flags" is 5 chars, fix incorrect strncmp 
   * dmi: dmicheck: remove redundant check on boolean advice_given
   * acpi: einj: fix incorrect addition on cast
   * lib: fwts_log: fix spelling mistake on LOG_UNKOWN_FIELD
   * lib: fwts_log: add LOG_NO_FIELD and use this to indicate an unfound 
   * debian/control: Update description, fwts no longer is just for x86 
   * lib: fwts_gpe: fix double free on gpe buffer
   * opal: prd_info: NULLify output after free
   * debian/control: update standards version to 3.9.8
   * debian/control: remove ${shlibs:Depends} for fwts-frontend and 
   * acpi: method: work around some gcc madness (LP: #1687056)
   * Reduce the sysfs path to 2K to work around a gcc warning
   * data: klog.json: make missing EINJ table message an INFO message
   * cpu: cpufreq: make small one-line helper functions inline
   * Snapcraft: fix typo in path
   * debian: fwts.install: add missing olog.json file
   * debian: changelog: fix some debian warnings
   * New script to generate a Debian orig tarball from source
   * data: klog.json: Fix spelling mistake "cound" -> "could"
   * opal: reserve_mem: fix 32 bit build issues
   * lib: fwts_acpi_tables: remove dead assignment of facs
   * acpica/fwts_acpica: remove debug message on FADT/FACS
   * acpica/fwts_acpica: cast to uintptr_t before casting to 
   * uefi: securebootcert: warnings for secure boot variables not exist 
instead of failures
   * uefi: securebootcert: specify the failure reason for the variable 
not found
   * README: Fix missing libfdt-dev dependency in README

= Detail Changelog =

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or 
fwts_17.05.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from

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