Firmware Test Suite 16.06.00 is released

ivanhu at
Wed Jun 22 16:03:47 UTC 2016

FWTS 16.06.00 is released.

It is available from:



Release notes:

= New Features =

   * acpi: method: acpi 6.0 adds USB-C Connection to _UPC
   * acpi: method: add _WPP method test (introduced in ACPI 6.1)
   * acpi: method: add _WPC method test (introduced in ACPI 6.1)
   * ACPICA: Update to version 20160527
   * acpi: hest: Add GHESv2 checking (LP: #1587624)
   * lib: acpi: Add support for HEST GHESv2

= Fixed Bugs =

   * lib: replace hardcoded size=1 in calloc by sizeof(char)
   * dmi: dmicheck: remove chassis check with acpi pm_profile
   * acpi: method: update _GCP test according to ACPI 6.1
   * acpi: einj: erst: update serialization action for ACPI 6.1
   * dmi: dmicheck: fix typo: SBMBIOS should be SMBIOS
   * Rename fwts_log_*_verbatum to fwts_log_*_verbatim
   * lib: fwts_ipmi: don't close a -ve fd on error exit return path
   * lib: fwts_ipmi: remove redundant for loop
   * lib: fwts_devicetree: fix memory leak on data
   * devicetree: dt_base: fix resource leak on error exit paths
   * lib: fwts_arch: set len to 1 to ensure space for '\0'
   * lib: fwts_args: clean up some scan-build warnings
   * devicetree/dt_sysinfo: report FWTS_ERROR on non-null termimated 
   * src/utilities/kernelscan: fix parsing of escaped C strings
   * lib: fwts_olog.h: fix include guard
   * devicetree/dt_sysinfo: Add OPAL reference compatible checks
   * efi_runtime: changing naming convention without p for pointer
   * lib: fwts_uefi: update uefi status codes to UEFI 2.6
   * uefirtvariable: modify getnextvariablename test for 
!VariableNameSize smaller than 2 (LP: #1593597)

= Detail Changelog =

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or 
fwts_16.06.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from


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