[Bug 1237081] Re: Installing python-3.3:i386 breaks install.

dvergspett berg.at.nifst at gmail.com
Wed May 25 01:17:35 UTC 2016

Im trying to install xenial from minimal cd on hp laptop.

fails at the end of update, cant and wont go further in the installation process.
i386 python3-apt i3861.1.0~betabuild1 is the file making the halt. 
This was from archive.ubuntu.com , tried different other archives as the swedish and norwegian that failed in the installation process at an earlier stage in retrieving files from archive.

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  Installing python-3.3:i386 breaks install.

Status in python3.3 package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Release: Linux Mint 15 "olivia"
  Edition: Cinnamon 64-bit 

  Installed python-3.3:i386 from Software Manager.

  System is no longer functional.

  These packages are removed:

  cinnamon (removed), bluez-alsa (removed), bluez-alsa:i386 (removed),
  python3-gi (removed), python3-minimal (removed), python3-debian
  (removed), indicator-bluetooth (removed), printer-driver-foo2zjs
  (removed), openprinting-ppds (removed), nemo (removed), unattended-
  upgrades (removed), python3-apt (removed), mint-meta-cinnamon
  (removed), nvidia-common (removed), cinnamon-control-center (removed),
  system-config-printer-gnome (removed), bluetooth (removed),
  python3-pyatspi (removed), screen-resolution-extra (removed), bluez-
  gstreamer (removed), python3-speechd (removed), python3-cairo
  (removed), nemo-share (removed), language-selector-gnome (removed),
  gnome-menus (removed), python3-lxml (removed), python3-gi-cairo
  (removed), printer-driver-postscript-hp (removed), friends (removed),
  nvidia-settings-304-updates (removed), python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat
  (removed), python3-six (removed), foomatic-db-compressed-ppds
  (removed), nemo-fileroller (removed), language-selector-common
  (removed), python3-commandnotfound (removed), python3-uno (removed),
  python3-xdg (removed), cinnamon-screensaver (removed), ubuntu-minimal
  (removed), bluez (removed), python3.3 (removed), command-not-found
  (removed), libpython3.3-minimal:i386 (installed), python3-oneconf
  (removed), python3-piston-mini-client (removed), python3-pyicu
  (removed), python3-brlapi (removed), firefox (removed),
  sessioninstaller (removed), python3.3-minimal (removed),
  python3-aptdaemon (removed), python3-dbus (removed), printer-driver-
  ptouch (removed), libreadline6:i386 (installed), python3-chardet
  (removed), nemo-rabbitvcs (removed), gnome-bluetooth (removed), gnome-
  user-share (removed), libfriends0 (removed), aptdaemon (removed), apt-
  clone (removed), python3-oauthlib (removed), python3-defer (removed),
  python3-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets (removed), friends-dispatcher (removed),
  python3-gdbm (removed), ufw (removed), python3 (removed),
  python3-dirspec (removed), mintdrivers (removed), mintwifi (removed),
  python3-xkit (removed), ubuntu-drivers-common (removed), google-earth-
  stable:i386 (removed), nemo-dropbox (removed), python3-louis
  (removed), ndisgtk (removed), gufw (removed), python3-httplib2
  (removed), gnome-panel (removed), python3-pkg-resources (removed),
  printer-driver-pxljr (removed), lsb-core (removed), aptoncd (removed),
  libpython3.3-stdlib:i386 (installed), python3-crypto (removed), lsb-
  release (removed), thin-client-config-agent (removed), firefox-gnome-
  support (removed), python3-virtkey (removed)

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