[Bug 1552764] Re: Eclipse and SWT are very slow/hang on a fresh 16.04 install (gtk3/swt issue)

Robert Goley 1552764 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu May 19 18:22:53 UTC 2016

This is frustrating.  I have found not combination that will completely
work.  The SWT_GTK3=0 option helps a bit for basic Eclipse
use/navigation but completely breaks JasperSoft Studio module.  The
JasperStudio report perspective hangs indefinitely when opening a jrxml
file.  Without the SWT_GTK=0 variable being set, the entire preferences
window fails to redraw at all.  I can force a redraw one time per
entrace by doing a search after I have selected the item I want to see.
The already finicky Ecipse 4.5.x UI becomes too unstable to use.  Having
to do things like minimize the entire window to see where it had already
redrawn in the background but not actually on the screen.  Please make
this a high priority fix.  Otherwise, 16.04 fails for a java development

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  Eclipse and SWT are very slow/hang on a fresh 16.04 install (gtk3/swt

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Bug description:
  I installed a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit from nightly build

  Eclipse Mars.2 (4.5.2) is often very slow / hangs, especially on start
  of actions (searching projects, importing them, search for updates,
  install plugins etc.

  Things I tried:
    * openjdk8 /oracle java 8
    * OS / CS nvidia driver
    * unity / gnome (metacity and compizz)
    * fresh workspace

  jvisualvm  shows that much cpu time is consumed by
  rg.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.OS._g_main_context_iteration[native] ...

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