[Bug 1424795] Re: Old libselinux in Precise breaks things in Docker on SELinux-enabled host

Jacob Welsh jwelsh+ubuntu at eemta.org
Fri May 13 00:03:46 UTC 2016

I don't have a docker setup anymore -- any other watchers able to test?

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  Old libselinux in Precise breaks things in Docker on SELinux-enabled

Status in libselinux package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  In a Docker container running on an SELinux capable kernel, the fact
  that /sys is mounted RO is supposed to signal to the container that
  SELinux is not supported on the inside, so it doesn't try to do things
  that won't work. The version of libselinux in Ubuntu 12.04 is too old
  to have the above check, breaking basic functionality like shadow-

  RHEL 6 had the same problem; their fix was to update libselinux:

  Previously reported downstream: https://github.com/tianon/docker-brew-

  Release: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS

  Installed package version: 2.1.0-4.1ubuntu1

  Expected results:
  # useradd test
  # id -Z
  id: --context (-Z) works only on an SELinux-enabled kernel

  Actual results:
  root at b55e77ab9ef4:/# useradd test
  useradd: failure while writing changes to /etc/passwd
  root at b55e77ab9ef4:/# vipw
  vipw: setfscreatecon () failed: Permission denied
  vipw: /etc/passwd is unchanged
  root at b55e77ab9ef4:/# id -Z

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