[Bug 1435706] Proposed package removed from archive

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu May 12 13:50:38 UTC 2016

The version of multipath-tools in the proposed pocket of Vivid that was
purported to fix this bug report has been removed because the bugs that
were to be fixed by the upload were not verified in a timely (105 days)

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  DevLossTO, FastIoFailTO settings do not match multipath.conf expected

Status in multipath-tools package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in multipath-tools source package in Trusty:
Status in multipath-tools source package in Vivid:

Bug description:
  This bug impacts multipath users who need to tweak timeout values for DevLoss and FastIoFail for performance reasons.

  [Test Case]
  On a multipath system, attempt to modify DevLossTO or FastIoFailTO, then verify that the values got applied with 'multipath -l'. See below.

  [Regression Potential]
  Users who have already modified these values but have not noticed they did not properly apply may notice a change in behavior on device failure.


  Problem Description
  DevLossTO, FastIoFailTO settings do not match multipath.conf expected values

  ---uname output---
  Linux ilp1fc85apA4.tuc.stglabs.ibm.com 3.13.0-24-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 10 19:09:21 UTC 2014 ppc64le ppc64le ppc64le GNU/Linuxuname -m

  Machine Type = p7 8247

  Steps to Reproduce
   Verify DevLossTO, FastIoFailTO setting match multipath.conf expected values

  == Comment: #31 - Thadeu Lima De Souza Cascardo <thadeul at br.ibm.com> - 2015-03-20 10:57:20 ==

  From the point of view of multipathd, everything seems correct, by
  looking at the logs.

  I even parsed syslog and the output of getHBAInfo in order to find
  inconsistencies, and the inconsistency is between what multipathd
  logged as configured for a given target, and what its rport reports at

  So, either multipathd is not configuring the timeouts even though it
  has the right configuration, or something else is changing those

  The other problem is that multipathd does not include the dev_loss_tmo
  configuration for 2145 as can be seen from list config. So, it could
  be not parsing the configuration correctly, or there could be a
  problem with the configuration.

  At this point, to move forward, I would like to take a look at your
  system, and try reconfigure and looking at some strace output of
  multipathd, to check for writes into sysfs.

  == Comment: #34 - Thadeu Lima De Souza Cascardo <thadeul at br.ibm.com> - 2015-03-20 15:56:46 ==
  OK, so I investigated in the system and read some of the code and checked changelog.

  It looks like Ubuntu is shipping a fairly old version of multipath-
  tools, which is understandable, since multipath-tools is not very good
  in doing frequent releases, so one needs to either ship a version
  closer to upstream git or include its own large set of patches.

  One of the patches missing is the one attached next. Without that, any
  devices included in the built-in hardware table will have some of its
  attributes from the config file ignored. That is the case with 2145.
  So, we lose the dev_loss_tmo setting for that device.


  == Comment: #38 - Thadeu Lima De Souza Cascardo <thadeul at br.ibm.com> - 2015-03-20 16:25:39 ==
  The bug this patch fixes would explain why fast_io_fail_tmo is not correctly set in some cases, but not dev_loss_tmo. So, probably, there is another missing patch here. I would like to experiment with the two patches I mentioned, however. Let's try to do this on Monday?


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