[Bug 1447756] Proposed package removed from archive

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu May 12 13:48:00 UTC 2016

The version of upstart in the proposed pocket of Vivid that was
purported to fix this bug report has been removed because the bugs that
were to be fixed by the upload were not verified in a timely (105 days)

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  [SRU] segfault in log.c code causes phone reboot loops

Status in Canonical System Image:
  Fix Released
Status in upstart :
  Fix Committed
Status in upstart package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in upstart source package in Utopic:
  Won't Fix
Status in upstart source package in Vivid:
  Won't Fix
Status in upstart source package in Wily:
  Fix Released
Status in upstart package in Ubuntu RTM:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  = Summary =

  The version of Upstart in vivid is affected by a coule of bugs relating
  to the flushing data from early-boot jobs to disk which can both result
  in a crash:

  == Problem 1 ==

  An internal list is mishandled meaning a crash could occur randomly.

  == Problem 2 ==

  Jobs which spawn processes in the background then themselves exit can
  cause a crash due.

  = Explanation of how Upstart flushes early job output =

  If an Upstart job starts *and ends* early in the boot sequence (before
  the log partition is mounted and writable) and produces output to its
  stdout/stderr, Upstart will cache the output for later flushing by
  adding the 'Log' object associated with the 'Job' to a list.

  When the log partition is mounted writable, the
  /etc/init/flush-early-job-log.conf job is run which calls "initctl
  notify-disk-writeable". This is a signal to Upstart to flush its cache
  of early-boot job output which takes the form of iterating the
  'log_unflushed_files' list and flushing all the 'Log' entries to disk.

  = Code Specifics =

  There are 2 issues (note that the numbers used below match those used in
  the Summary).

  == Problem 1 detail ==

  Due to a bug in the way the 'log_unflushed_files' list is handled (the
  'Log' cannot be added to the list directly, so is added via an
  intermediary ('NihListElem') node), a crash can result when iterating
  the list since the 'Log' is freed, but NOT the intermediary node. The
  implication is that it is possible for the intermediary node to be
  attempt to dereference already-freed data, resulting in a crash.

  == Problem 2 detail ==

  If a job spawns a process in the background, then itself exits, that
  jobs 'Log' entry will be added to the 'log_unflushed_files' list. But,
  if the background process produces output and then exits before Upstart
  attempts to flush the original jobs data to disk, the 'NihIo'
  corresponding to the log will be serviced automatically and the data
  flushed to disk. The problem comes when Upstart receives the
  notification to flush the 'log_unflushed_files' list, since that list
  now contains an entry which has already been freed (since all its data
  has already been flushed). The result is an assertion failure.

  = Fix =

  == Problem 1 fix ==

  Correct the 'log_unflushed_files' list handling by freeing the
  'NihListElem' (which will automatically free the 'Log' object), not by
  simply freeing the 'Log' object itself.

  * Branch: lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/vivid/upstart/bug-1447756/
  * New Upstart test added to avoid regression?: Yes.

  == Problem 2 fix ==

  Correct the assumption that the only entries in the
  'log_unflushed_files' list will always have data to flush by checking if
  there is in fact any data to flush; if not, remove the entry from the
  'log_unflushed_files' list since it has already been handled
  automatically by the 'NihIo'.

  * Branch: lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/bug-1447756-the-actual-fix
  * New Upstart test added to avoid regression?: Yes.

  = Workarounds =

  If a system is affected by this bug, it will be manifested by a crash
  early in the boot sequence.

  To overcome the issue, either:

  a) Boot by adding "--no-log" to the kernel command-line.

  b) Disable the flush-early-job-log job (assuming the machine is
  bootable) by running the following:

     $ echo manual | sudo tee -a /etc/init/flush-early-job-log.override

  = Impact =

  The issue has been present in Upstart since logging was introduced but
  no known instances of crashes relating to these problems have been
  reported prior to this bug being reported (which relates the the issue
  being seen on a very small subset of specific Ubuntu Touch phone
  hardware where Upstart is used as the system init daemon).

  Note that vivid still uses Upstart for managing the graphical session,
  but now uses systemd by default for the system init daemon. Since the session (Upstart) init does not even require 
  a flush-early-job-log, the exposure to both the bug and the updated fix codepath is extremely limited.

  = Test Case =

  This bug is extremely hard to surface so the approach is simply to
  check that the internal list can be iterated correctly by:

  1) Booting the system with upstart
     (select the Upstart option from the grub menu or add "init=/sbin/upstart" to the kernel command-line).

  2) Running the following on a system booted with Upstart:

     $ for i in $(seq 17); do sudo start flush-early-job-log; done

  = Regression Potential =

  None expected:

  - As noted in Impact, the problems fixed by this version of Upstart have not been observed on server/desktop systems before.
  - The fix is already in wily and no problems have been reported.
  - See Impact.

  = Original Description =

  We recently started getting reprots from phone users that their
  devices go into a reboot loop after changing the language or getting
  an OTA upgrade (either of both end with a reboot of the phone)

  after a bit of research we collected the log at

  this shows a segfault of upstarts init binary in the log.c code:

  [    6.999083]init: log.c:819: Assertion failed in log_clear_unflushed: log->unflushed->len
  [    7.000279]init: Caught abort, core dumped
  [    7.467176]Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00000600

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