[Bug 1536353] Re: [regression] Printer drivers install is broken as lsb package is not available anymore

Arup arup.chowdhury at gmail.com
Wed May 11 12:51:33 UTC 2016

Suggestion from openprinting forums...

Firstly, install the package with dpkg -i , then change the dependency
on lsb to lsb-base by editing /var/lib/dpkg/status and finding the epson
package in that file. Then change the Depends: line to lsb-base so it
looks like

Depends: lsb-base

Then run apt-get install -f to configure the dirver properly.

The second thing is, because this isn't a real LSB system (or, seems so
to me) then you have to have a LSB compatible loader in /lib64 so we
need to symlink the standard link loader instead.

As root, you would

ln -s /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 /lib64/ld-lsb-x86-64.so.3

This satisfies the loader for the printfilter.

After these steps, my networked XP-312 worked.

I suspect this to be the case for many of the LSB based Epson drivers on
Ubuntu 16.04 (maybe earlier versions of Ubuntu as well, actually).

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Foundations Bugs, which is subscribed to lsb in Ubuntu.

  [regression] Printer drivers install is broken as lsb package is not
  available anymore

Status in cups-filters package in Ubuntu:
Status in epson-inkjet-printer-escpr package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in lsb package in Ubuntu:
Status in system-config-printer package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Starting with Xenial, lsb compatibility packages were dropped (besides
  lsb-release and lsb-base):

  lsb (9.20150826) unstable; urgency=low

    * Drop all the LSB compatibility packages besides lsb-release and lsb-base
      - Drop packages-availability checking in lsb-release
      - Truncate README.Debian to a minimum
      - Document this in lsb-base.NEWS.Debian
    * Change the versioning number to avoid any ambiguity; use joeyh's
      version.date, with version being Debian next stable's

   -- Didier Raboud <odyx at debian.org>  Wed, 26 Aug 2015 12:00:00 +0200

  The problem is that downloadable printer drivers (like the ones from
  Openprinting, but also from other available providers) that are
  suggested when installing a printer on Ubuntu depends on lsb, which is
  not available anymore:

   Dépend: lsb (>=3.2) but it is not installable

  This triggers a regression where it is not possible to setup a printer
  this way (downloading a driver where no local driver is available)

  I see two possible solutions:

  - Add a proper replaces field to one of the remaining lsb-* packages,
  to hopefully fix missing lsb package (maybe it would be useful to also
  replace other compability packages that are not built anymore).

  - Re-introduce LSB compatibility packages, but that might be an

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