[Bug 1401318] Re: GRUB menu doesn't appear after showing "GRUB loading."

TJ ubuntu at iam.tj
Tue May 10 07:11:25 UTC 2016

Upstream comment #2 referred to above:

Mon 31 Mar 2014 08:49:03 AM UTC, comment #2:

I'm noticing a similar problem: GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set to 0,
GRUB_TIMEOUT is set to 0.0 (to bypass a check of os-prober which would
set it to 10 if set to 0) and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE is set to menu (but I'm
not sure how GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE does affect this all). After executing
update-grub and doing a reboot I would assume that the grub menu will
only appear on pressing shift otherwise it would boot immediately to the
default system. But if I'm keeping shift pressed on booting I will
successfully see the line "GRUB loading." but instead of displaying the
menu GRUB boots immediately to the default system.

At first reading this sounds like the expected behaviour.
GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE controls how the terminal is rendered whilst the
countdown timeout is in progress. "menu" means show the menu during

GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 means don't do a countdown but immediately start
the default entry.

Testing for the Shift modifier being held down is done by "sleep
--interruptable $timeout"  - if $timeout is 0 this function isn't used
and therefore no check of that state of the Shift modifier flags is

The alternate GRUB_TERM_ESC (the Escape key being pressed/released) is
done elsewhere too so pressing Esc may interrupt *if* it gets pressed at
the exact moment GRUB is deciding to start the default entry.

I'll do some tests to see if I can reproduce this.

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  GRUB menu doesn't appear after showing "GRUB loading."

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Bug description:
  I'm using Ubuntu 15.04 dev with grub-pc 2.02~beta2-18 and this bug was
  already reported on upstream but they requested to report it to the
  related distribution: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?40853


  It is not possible to configure GRUB anymore to automatically boot
  instantly to the default operating system in a multi-system
  environment while having the ability to show the GRUB menu if the
  related button (shift on my system) is keeping pressed while booting.

  In comment #2 of the upstream report is an example configuration how
  to reproduce this behavior. Keeping shift pressed while booting does
  then show "GRUB loading." but the GRUB menu will not appear. Instead
  GRUB will immediately boot to the default operating system.

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