[Bug 595648] Re: Remote unlocking not possible if plymouth is active (Bug or Feature?)

Jeremias Kangas jeremias.kangas at gmail.com
Wed May 4 06:47:26 UTC 2016

Any news about this bug on Xenial?

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  Remote unlocking not possible if plymouth is active (Bug or Feature?)

Status in cryptsetup package in Ubuntu:
Status in plymouth package in Ubuntu:
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  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Binary package hint: cryptsetup

  If plymouth is active, it is no longer possible in an easy way to remotely unlock the disc(s).
  Which means that with a standard Ubuntu setup the README.remote is wrong or incomplete.

  Reason: Plymouth is "stealing" the password prompt because the
  cryptroot script checks if plymouth is active:

  if [ -z "$cryptkeyscript" ]; then
  			cryptkey="Unlocking the disk $cryptsource ($crypttarget)\nEnter passphrase: "
  			if [ -x /bin/plymouth ] && plymouth --ping; then
  				cryptkeyscript="plymouth ask-for-password --prompt"
  				cryptkey=$(echo -e "$cryptkey")

  but only askpass has a feature which is checking for a file with a
  password in it.

  Because I am not so good in writing startup fixes, I am proposing this as a bug.
  Possible solutions:
  1. Include a new script, which doesn't use plymouth at all.
  2. Use command line switches to use askpass instead of plymouth.
  3. Patch plymouth, e.g. to include a "pass-as-password" option, which is passing the password along to a running plymouth(d?).

  My knowledge about the inner workings of the startup process is limited, I would prefer solution no. 3.
  Any suggestions?

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