[Bug 950914] Re: Startup image names unclear, PowerPC yaboot issue

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Mon Sep 24 00:07:40 UTC 2012

You may not change DISTRIB_ID for Lubuntu; /etc/lsb-release is shared
among all flavours in the Ubuntu archive.

I've only ever considered this kind of thing an arguable bug.  I
understand how it can be confusing in setups that multiboot between
different Ubuntu flavours, and certainly the specific presentation here
is not ideal.  But it's all the same underlying operating system, and
os-prober has no good way to distinguish between them.  As just one
example of many, what if both ubuntu-desktop and lubuntu-desktop are

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  Startup image names unclear, PowerPC yaboot issue

Status in “os-prober” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Affects Ubuntu precise, Lubuntu precise.
  PowerPC startup issue.

  at boot: 
  choices are:
  Linux    old     Ubuntu-Linux
  choice names are wrong, swapped (Ubuntu-Linux boots into Lubuntu)

  Following entire disk install of Lubuntu precise-desktop.powerpc.iso
  20120308, entire disk, I installed Ubuntu precise-desktop.powerpc.iso
  20120308, along side Lubuntu, resized partitions.

  On restart, at the boot: prompt, I hit the TAB key, and my login
  options were:

  Linux   old   Ubuntu-Linux

  To make a long story short, "Linux" boots into Ubuntu and "Ubuntu-
  Linux"  boots into Lubuntu.

  Both Ubuntu and Lubuntu run after log in. There are some other bugs
  related to screen anomalies, but I'll report those separately.

  I wouldn't rush to fix the naming, especially since the Ubuntu precise PPC resizing works.
  But, and I've filed a separate bug report, Lubuntu precise resizing install doesn't work from the desktop iso. Haven't tried the alternate iso.

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