[Bug 1043066] Re: Test Case dwi001- Full disk install PPC Alternate- 12.10. Yaboot installation failure

ojordan 1043066 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Sep 23 22:37:38 UTC 2012

Attached is a patch which checks if 'ofpath' can find the openfirmware
path of macos/macosx devices.  If it can't then it doesn't add the
devices to the yaboot.conf.  Also, the bootstrap partition is tested and
if the openfirmware path can't be found for that then nvram is not
updated.  These changes should stop yaboot-installer getting its
knickers in a twist, although ideally ubiquity still needs to handle
failure from yaboot-installer more gracefully.  Also, (ideally) the user
should be told that nvram has not been updated so they shouldn't expect
an automatic boot into *ubuntu (they need to hold down the option/alt
key instead).

** Attachment added: "yaboot-installer/debian/posinst patch"

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  Test Case dwi001- Full disk install PPC Alternate- 12.10.  Yaboot
  installation failure

Status in “ubiquity” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Machine:  eMac G4 PPC - 1.12 Ghz G4 processor, 1 Gig RAM 80 Gig hard
  drive. Using entire internal HD for installation of Lubuntu Alternate
  PPC 12.10

  Installation of yaboot loader failed. Instruction was to check

  Attempted to install yaboot again /dev/sda2. Attempt failed.

  Continued the install without the boot loader

  Was able to reboot the system with arguements from boot

  /boot/vmlinux  /dev/sda3

  Boot of gui failed, but <cntl-alt-F1> succeeded.

  I was unable to report the bug fron the computer where it occurred.

  Ubuntu-bug --save=/var/log/syslog

  yielded only "No pending crash reports.

  Also attempted <Ubuntu-bug ubiquity>  and <ubuntu-bug installer>
  neither command succeeded.

  Ron Mitchell

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