[Bug 1039446] Re: Install hangs at time zone selector

Paulo Narciso p_narciso at netcabo.pt
Thu Sep 20 18:04:00 UTC 2012

I got the same issue wit 20/09/2012 daily build, I install linux in a
custom partition, select grub to install on root partition, instead of
mbr (I use easybcd), and installation hangs in timezone selection.

I can't get to the keyboard selection, and I can the the installation
status bar moving and files being installed, but I can't proceed from
that point.

Alpha 3 doesn't have this issue, so something become broken after that.

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  Install hangs at time zone selector

Status in “ubiquity” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  I'm installing the latest daily build (August 20, 2011) of Quantal
  with latest Ubiquity 2.11.22, and when I use Ubiquity to install
  Quantal on a regular 130GB Ext4 / partition and another larger Ext4
  /home, everything goes fine until the time zone selector screen.

  After I select the time zone and hit Continue, the Continue and Back
  buttons get greyed, the cursor starts spinning, and that's all that
  happens. Nothing happens after that. Ubiquity doesn't freeze though; I
  can still click on the time zone map and change my time zone, but
  since the Continue button is greyed, there's no way to proceed. I
  waited for 30 mins, but there's no disk activity, and nothing seems to
  be happening at all.

  Attached are my syslog and installer debug log. I ran ubiquity from a
  gnome-terminal from the live usb of the said daily build (just to
  catch any console output), and there was no console output.

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