[Bug 957177] Re: support multiple crashdbs

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 18 17:56:43 UTC 2012

I've tagged this rls-q-notfixing as it doesn't look like it will make
the Quantal release.

** Tags added: rls-q-notfixing

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  support multiple crashdbs

Status in “apport” package in Ubuntu:
Status in “whoopsie-daisy” package in Ubuntu:
Status in “apport” source package in Quantal:
Status in “whoopsie-daisy” source package in Quantal:

Bug description:
  Right now Apport only supports sending reports to one crashdb.

  With whoopsie we actually have two now, which we want to send reports
  to at the same time. whoopsie support is currently bolted on at the
  side, but it would be more elegant to create an actual whoopsie
  CrashDB backend, and then change /etc/apport/crashdb.conf to send to
  multiple DBs at the same time (e. g. launchpad+whoopsie during
  development, and just whoopsie post-release).

  I just discussed the addition of a new "problem_types" CrashDB option
  with Evan, which is a list of "ProblemType" values this crashdb
  accepts. So e. g. after release, the launchpad DB could say
  "problem_types: ['Bug', 'Package']" if we don't want LP bug reports
  for crashes any more.

  If we have that, ui.py could then check if any of the active CrashDBs
  takes that particular ProblemType, and present the report. If no
  crashdb takes it, it wouldn't show the report at all.

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