[Bug 956051] Re: libc6 crash while running 'xm'

Adrian Stachowski 956051 at bugs.launchpad.net
Fri Sep 14 13:23:27 UTC 2012

I'm afraid it still isn't a bulletproof fix.

The dom0 boots up fine, but while debootstrapping a precise machine I
encountered a core dump with unknown exception during debconf

I doubled checked and booted without xen and the debootstrapping went
just fine.

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  libc6 crash while running 'xm'

Status in “eglibc” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in “eglibc” source package in Precise:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  SRU Justification:

  When using xen as a hypervisor on AMD Bulldozer/Opteron hardware, 'xm list' will cause an 'invalid opcode' trap and crash.

  [Development Fix]
  This is fixed in quantal.

  [Stable Fix]
  A fix can be backported from quantal into precise.

  [Test Case]
  Install xen on an AMD machine with AVX/FMA4 extensions. Run 'xm list'. It is expected to not cause an invalid opcode trap.

  [Regression Potential]
  This patch add checks proper FMA4 and AVX detection in eglibc.


  Ubuntu Version: 12.04 (precise)

  libc6: 2.15-0ubuntu5
  xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64: 4.1.2-2ubuntu2

  Everytime I try to run 'xm list' on a new AMD Opteron 6274 system (Bulldozer architecture) I'm getting a crash.
  I couldn't even file a bug report through "apport-bug".
  Repeating the same procedure with Ubuntu Oneiric showed no problems at all.

  dmesg showed following messages:

  [  479.891581] xm[1746] trap invalid opcode ip:7fd684f8a5fc sp:7fff3ebb3c70 error:0 in libm-2.15.so[7fd684f48000+f9000]
  [  479.937611] apport[1758] trap invalid opcode ip:7fd6cb9ea5fc sp:7fff9bbc06b0 error:0 in libm-2.15.so[7fd6cb9a8000+f9000]
  [  479.937641] Process 1758(apport) has RLIMIT_CORE set to 1
  [  479.937645] Aborting core

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