[Bug 664526] Re: setting nomodeset in grub, if live session was started with nomodeset

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 12 19:09:35 UTC 2012

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  setting nomodeset in grub, if live session was started with nomodeset

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  Binary package hint: ubiquity

  Posting this as bug because I want to nominate it for 100 papercuts.

  Some machines require nomodeset option to boot in to the GUI. For that
  reason, the livecd has this option more or less  (*) conveniently
  accessible from the boot menu, using F6 key.

  However, when this option is selected for the live session, ubiquity
  will install ubuntu and  not set "nomoset' as default  option. As a
  result, the machine will reboot and the user will unnecessarily almost
  guaranteed  again face a black screen, and this time, with no F6 menu
  to solve it, instead this time requiring  complicated grub editing in
  a menu that is again hidden by default and not even a clue there is
  one (grub), and then more advanced editing of grub defaults. This is
  an impossible task for any new user, and a unnecessary one.

  If the live session is booted with nomodeset (and possibly other
  settings like safe graphics), ubiquity should recognise this and
  either set those same settings as default, or prompt the user and ask
  if he wants to retain those settings for his install  (and it should
  default to yes).

  (*) IMO  its "less" rather than "more"; that menu on the livecd is
  hidden too well  for a new user. Ive been using ubuntu for years and I
  didnt realise the keyboard logo meant I could press a key to open a
  menu. Why arent these options available in the menu where you select
  language and keyboard? Just have an "advanced" button or something.
  But thats another issue I suppose.

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