[Bug 1047998] Re: iscsi root: iscsi not started in initramfs

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Tue Sep 11 09:15:03 UTC 2012

Moving to partman-iscsi for now as my initial guess is that the
configuration created by the installer is wrong, but it's also possible
that this needs to be fixed in open-iscsi.

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  iscsi root: iscsi not started in initramfs

Status in “partman-iscsi” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Ubuntu server daily disk; 20120908 (amd64)

  I have a kvm guest which is diskless, I've done an install (off CD image) onto an iscsi disk (that's provided by another VM running tgt).
  But it won't boot after install (maybe related to 881388?)
  (Host is Quantal as of today but with 3.5.2-030502 to get around bug 1045027)

  The install goes apparently fine; I tell it the IP of the target, pick the (only) target, and there's no auth.
  I just pick openssh-server as the only item of task to install.

  I boot, bring up iPXE's command prompt (with ctrl-b) and enter:
  dhcp net0
  sanboot iscsi:

  and it brings up grub and starts to boot and eventually lands at the
  initramfs prompt saying it can't find the root volume.

  Using rescue mode I can see a lot of

  ipconfig: no devices to configure
  /scripts/local-top/iscsi: .: line 505: can't open '/run/net-*.conf'
  (it's right there isn't any)
  and *then* I see the messages about the networking coming up and finding a link.

  If I manually ifconfig the interface and run /scripts/local-top/iscsi
  it brings it up and I can continue the boot and it boots OK.

  This happens with the network interface configured as e1000 and
  hypervisor default (8139 something)

  I'll attach the VM config from the host.


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