[Bug 1045799] Re: Manual partitioner: Icons 'Add', 'Remove', and 'Modify' are a bit confusing

Erick Brunzell lbsolost at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 19:31:57 UTC 2012

First of all I want to apologize again for my previous rant, that was
clearly inappropriate.

Now on to the newest UI proposal;

You've dropped the gears icon in favor of the text message "Change" but
my greatest concern is "-".

The symbolic icon "-" does NOT always mean "delete". In fact when you
open the "change" dialogue to apply changes to a partition "-" clearly
means reducing the size of the existing partition! This is true of many
apps, typically "-" means shrink, lower, or reduce!

I've followed user errors a lot at Ubuntu forums down through the years
and I'll assure you that anything that's even slightly confusing will
ultimately result in user error, the worst of which is the loss of data
or an existing OS.

So IMO using "-" to replace "delete" is a very bad UI change/decision

BTW I only included that gparted screenshot in comment #8 to prove that
if the installation process is "quit" no change is actually applied, but
I fear that if someone were to click on "-" not knowing that it means
"delete" they'd proceed with the actual desired changes and still end up
deleting a partition they'd NOT intended to :^(

I hope that's clear, I really am getting old and tired, and I've been
almost begging for someone else on the end-user end of testing to jump
up to the plate to replace me.

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  Manual partitioner: Icons 'Add', 'Remove', and 'Modify' are a bit

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Bug description:
  Quantal Desktop 20120903.4

  On the manual partitioner there are 3 small icons below the partition
  list: a plus sign, and minus sign, and a gear. But their meaning is
  not clear and tooltips like "Add partition", "Remove partition" and
  "Modify partition" would clarify their usage.

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